“Dr. Martinez did everything to put patient at ease.”  – Artimus Milam

“I thought that Debbie did a great job as well as Dr. Martinez. They explained everything perfectly. The procedure was very relaxing.” – Robert Nering

“Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel at ease! I especially liked the way Dr. Martinez explained everything that was happening to me.” – Joyce Watson

“Dr. Martinez gave me a thorough explanation. I never felt rushed and he answered my many questions. I received very compassionate care from Dr. Martinez.” – Anonymous

“Debbie and Dr. Martinez were both extremely thorough and professional, superb explanations. Management was efficient as I’ve ever encountered.” – Dr. Richard Gleaser

“Dr. Martinez did a great job!”  – Anonymous

“Dr. Martinez and the nurse were great.  I was so comfortable and I went to sleep off an on. I had no pain after my root canal.”  – Etta Miller

“The great lady who scheduled my appointment was extremely nice. Dr. Vranas and Pam were super kind, caring and smart. I could not ask for better.”  – Bernice Lipson

“I appreciated their explanations. Also, they checked with me throughout the entire procedure to make sure I was okay.” – Ellen Smith

“The assistant was excellent as was Dr. Vranas.” – Bonnie Gordon

“Dr. Vranas and Pam are fabulous. Exceptional treatment! Very professional, very personable and listens to concerns.” – Jolene Palmore

“Dr. Vranas and Pam make a great team, great experience!” – Norman Hancock

“Dr. Vranas, Pam, Michelle: Thank you all! You were great! I have always been terrified of dental work and this experience was awesome!” – Ciera Artis

“Dr. Vranas and Pam were exceptional. The work seems very meticulously handled. Thank you!”  – W

“If I could not have Dr. Baum, then I don’t know of anyone any better to have than Dr. Vranas.” – Linda Hart

“Dr. Vranas and Pam are both professional but friendly and very caring of their patients.”  – Janet Lynch

“Kelly and Dr. Barbieri are THE BEST!! I have a horrible dental phobia, but they were BEYOND kind and patient.” – Jane Tansey

“They worked extremely hard to make me as comfortable as possible- I even went to sleep!” – Janis Berryhill

“Dr. Barbieri’s assistant was the best! She made me feel very comfortable. Also Dr. Barbieri is so nice and explains everything before he does it, which I loved!” – Tracy Brooks

“Dr. Barbieri’s interest in case pain set in later. Everyone was very polite and helpful.”– Anonymous

“I was scared to have my first root canals but Dr. Finkler explained everything and made the experience pain free.” – Holly Angel

“Dr. Finkler and Kellie made me so comfortable. Every step of treatment was explained. Appointment process was very easy and fast. – Susan Case

“Dr. Finkler was excellent. I was nervous about my root canal, and Dr. Finkler took the time to explain everything in terms I could understand. I felt confident knowing that he was taking care of me. I really appreciate his dedication to his work and his patients!” – Ashley Cullum

“Dr. Finkler is just wonderful and went above and beyond! Thank you! The staff at commonwealth Endo is just fantastic, not only do you take such great care of everyone, your customer service exceeds expectations.” – Kelly McCauley, very grateful and thankful patient

“Explains procedure well and outcomes.: – Sandra Windle

“Dr. Finkler made this root canal experience as comfortable as possible and he told me each step he was making. He also left phone # for after hours if needed.” – Anonymous

“Thanks so much to you and your assistant for helping me in my hours of misery. Refreshing directness and true professionalism were just what the doctor ordered. Thanks again.” – Daniel Mcintyre

“I just wanted to thank you again for helping me take care of my retreated root canal tooth. You were so nice and it meant so much to me that you did everything possible to get me seen quickly and taken care of. I was so impressed by you and all the staff workers at your practice-everyone made an effort to make the entire experience as positive as possible. I will never forget your kindness!  Thank you again.” – Dr. Susan Della Rippa

“Thank you for making those root canals easy. Hope you both have a great holiday.” – Jeff Williams

“Thank you so much for making me feel better. It’s amazing how teeth pain can affect one’s life. You and your staff were wonderful and made the experience as comfortable as possible. I love your caring manner. Have a wonderful holiday and terrific New Year.” – Monica Gottfried

“Thank you for all you did to get me “painlessly” to Iowa. I do appreciate your extraordinary effort to find time in your busy schedule.” – Evelyn Byerly

“This thank you is long overdue but I do want to thank you for your patience shown me and explaining things to me, etc – only “visit”, if you will, to your office!! Your assistant was very nice to me as well. It helped me a lot being the chicken that I am.  Have a great summer.” – Margaret Slotwell

“I want to thank you for your remarkable patience and kindness last week performing a root canal for me. Despite the tears and nerves which I could not control, your calming presence made it a very positive experience. You are wonderful at what you do!” – Kelly Smith

“It was very nice to meet you today. THANK YOU for the great care that you gave me today! Going to a dentist is never easy but when you hear “root canal” it generally instills panic! I felt very at ease with you and all the staff.”

“You would trust anyone with your teeth, would you? Nope, I wouldn’t. Thanks again for a great job!” – Tony Jimenez

“I have much respect for you and the profession and patients you serve. When I offered to attempt to repay for my two no call no shows and you declined, I even had a greater respect after giving it some thought. I too took an oath and that was not to accept funds from those I serve; although your case is different.”

“Neither here nor there as the saying goes “there is more ways to skin a chicken.” Here is my small way of saying many thanks for your great thoughts and understanding.”

“A wholesome doctor is one that never loses the vision of looking at the patient as a picture. In your case, not just a mouth or tooth!”

“Keep up your awesome values and stay on top of your practice just as I have always known you to do. You are tops in my book.  Good Luck and God Bless.”– Terry B. Payne

“Just a friendly note to let you know I am so happy to be a new patient here. I had a root canal done on March 5th. The services I received by you and your staff were exceptional. I will certainly recommend your practice.” – Anonymous

“I want to thank you and Pam for your attention and care last week. I am a “processor” and because everything was happening at break-neck-speed, I was a little anxious.”

“I appreciate your time, not only in reassuring me, but also in providing the “Root Canal 101″ tutorial. The only knowledge I had prior to walking into your office was of all those awful jokes about root canals:
none good enough to remember, except the part about how excruciating it is to have one! I also appreciated the follow up call I received.”

“My recovery to date has been uneventful: a good thing!” – Julie Pierce

“I can not thank you enough for your excellent care in relieving my tooth pain. I was very impressed by the professionalism of your entire staff. Thank you again.” – Dr. Charlie Gould

“I just wanted you to know how comfortable you made the whole root canal process for me. You took the time to explain everything and made me feel at ease. I will gladly recommend you to any of my friends that need your services. Thank you!” – Jennifer Gress

“Thank you for taking such good care of our patients, especially Dr. Cook.” – Dr. Bruce Cook & Staff

“I feel obligated to write a note of thanks after the visit at your office this week. I went in fearful of what was going to happen and left extremely thankful and happy. I am happy that I had the root canal done because I am out of pain, and I am thankful for having Dr. Martinez there with me. He explained everything before we even started and explained everything during the procedure. He eased my fears and the whole process was pain free! Thanks for such a great job!” – Angie Bottoms

“I appreciate how you had a genuine concern for my comfort and how you took time to explain each phase of the procedure. Your kindness and gentle way will be what I remember most about my visit. If I ever need to have this type of work done again, I hope and pray you will be there! God Bless!” – Mary Catherine Piland

“Thank you so much for the excellent manner in which I was treated during both office visits. I haven’t had any problems with the root canal. Thank you!” – Josephine Myers

“Thank you again for fixing my mouth. You are the GREATEST!!” – Kesha Smith

“I certainly do appreciate your kindness and great attention while in your office. What lovely people you are! You took great care of me and for a “not-so-pleasant” procedure, I knew I was in good hands. It actually was a very pleasant experience! That actually was the best dental experience I’ve had to date~no pain.” – Sharon Graves

“Thank you so much for performing the endo on my comprised tooth. Know I put you on the spot in trying to decide whether to try and save it. I have to say it was a wonderful experience, relatively speaking since I have had no pain since the appointment. Thanks so much for working with me. I really appreciate your help!” – Diane Greenwood