“Dr. Martinez did everything to put patient at ease.”  – Artimus Milam

“I thought that Debbie did a great job as well as Dr. Martinez. They explained everything perfectly. The procedure was very relaxing.” – Robert Nering

“Everyone was extremely nice and made me feel at ease! I especially liked the way Dr. Martinez explained everything that was happening to me.” – Joyce Watson

“Dr. Martinez gave me a thorough explanation. I never felt rushed and he answered my many questions. I received very compassionate care from Dr. Martinez.” – Anonymous

“Debbie and Dr. Martinez were both extremely thorough and professional, superb explanations. Management was efficient as I’ve ever encountered.” – Dr. Richard Gleaser

“Dr. Martinez did a great job!”  – Anonymous

“Dr. Martinez and the nurse were great.  I was so comfortable and I went to sleep off an on. I had no pain after my root canal.”  – Etta Miller

“The great lady who scheduled my appointment was extremely nice. Dr. Vranas and Pam were super kind, caring and smart. I could not ask for better.”  – Bernice Lipson

“I appreciated their explanations. Also, they checked with me throughout the entire procedure to make sure I was okay.” – Ellen Smith

“The assistant was excellent as was Dr. Vranas.” – Bonnie Gordon

“Dr. Vranas and Pam are fabulous. Exceptional treatment! Very professional, very personable and listens to concerns.” – Jolene Palmore

“Dr. Vranas and Pam make a great team, great experience!” – Norman Hancock

“Dr. Vranas, Pam, Michelle: Thank you all! You were great! I have always been terrified of dental work and this experience was awesome!” – Ciera Artis

“Dr. Vranas and Pam were exceptional. The work seems very meticulously handled. Thank you!”  – W

“If I could not have Dr. Baum, then I don’t know of anyone any better to have than Dr. Vranas.” – Linda Hart

“Dr. Vranas and Pam are both professional but friendly and very caring of their patients.”  – Janet Lynch

“Kelly and Dr. Barbieri are THE BEST!! I have a horrible dental phobia, but they were BEYOND kind and patient.” – Jane Tansey

“They worked extremely hard to make me as comfortable as possible- I even went to sleep!” – Janis Berryhill

“Dr. Barbieri’s assistant was the best! She made me feel very comfortable. Also Dr. Barbieri is so nice and explains everything before he does it, which I loved!” – Tracy Brooks

“Dr. Barbieri’s interest in case pain set in later. Everyone was very polite and helpful.”– Anonymous

“I was scared to have my first root canals but Dr. Finkler explained everything and made the experience pain free.” – Holly Angel

“Dr. Finkler and Kellie made me so comfortable. Every step of treatment was explained. Appointment process was very easy and fast. – Susan Case

“Dr. Finkler was excellent. I was nervous about my root canal, and Dr. Finkler took the time to explain everything in terms I could understand. I felt confident knowing that he was taking care of me. I really appreciate his dedication to his work and his patients!” – Ashley Cullum

“Dr. Finkler is just wonderful and went above and beyond! Thank you! The staff at commonwealth Endo is just fantastic, not only do you take such great care of everyone, your customer service exceeds expectations.” – Kelly McCauley, very grateful and thankful patient

“Explains procedure well and outcomes.: – Sandra Windle

“Dr. Finkler made this root canal experience as comfortable as possible and he told me each step he was making. He also left phone # for after hours if needed.” – Anonymous

“Thanks so much to you and your assistant for helping me in my hours of misery. Refreshing directness and true professionalism were just what the doctor ordered. Thanks again.” – Daniel Mcintyre

“I just wanted to thank you again for helping me take care of my retreated root canal tooth. You were so nice and it meant so much to me that you did everything possible to get me seen quickly and taken care of. I was so impressed by you and all the staff workers at your practice-everyone made an effort to make the entire experience as positive as possible. I will never forget your kindness!  Thank you again.” – Dr. Susan Della Rippa

“Thank you for making those root canals easy. Hope you both have a great holiday.” – Jeff Williams

“Thank you so much for making me feel better. It’s amazing how teeth pain can affect one’s life. You and your staff were wonderful and made the experience as comfortable as possible. I love your caring manner. Have a wonderful holiday and terrific New Year.” – Monica Gottfried

“Thank you for all you did to get me “painlessly” to Iowa. I do appreciate your extraordinary effort to find time in your busy schedule.” – Evelyn Byerly

“This thank you is long overdue but I do want to thank you for your patience shown me and explaining things to me, etc – only “visit”, if you will, to your office!! Your assistant was very nice to me as well. It helped me a lot being the chicken that I am.  Have a great summer.” – Margaret Slotwell

“I want to thank you for your remarkable patience and kindness last week performing a root canal for me. Despite the tears and nerves which I could not control, your calming presence made it a very positive experience. You are wonderful at what you do!” – Kelly Smith

“It was very nice to meet you today. THANK YOU for the great care that you gave me today! Going to a dentist is never easy but when you hear “root canal” it generally instills panic! I felt very at ease with you and all the staff.”

“You would trust anyone with your teeth, would you? Nope, I wouldn’t. Thanks again for a great job!” – Tony Jimenez

“I have much respect for you and the profession and patients you serve. When I offered to attempt to repay for my two no call no shows and you declined, I even had a greater respect after giving it some thought. I too took an oath and that was not to accept funds from those I serve; although your case is different.”

“Neither here nor there as the saying goes “there is more ways to skin a chicken.” Here is my small way of saying many thanks for your great thoughts and understanding.”

“A wholesome doctor is one that never loses the vision of looking at the patient as a picture. In your case, not just a mouth or tooth!”

“Keep up your awesome values and stay on top of your practice just as I have always known you to do. You are tops in my book.  Good Luck and God Bless.”– Terry B. Payne

“Just a friendly note to let you know I am so happy to be a new patient here. I had a root canal done on March 5th. The services I received by you and your staff were exceptional. I will certainly recommend your practice.” – Anonymous

“I want to thank you and Pam for your attention and care last week. I am a “processor” and because everything was happening at break-neck-speed, I was a little anxious.”

“I appreciate your time, not only in reassuring me, but also in providing the “Root Canal 101″ tutorial. The only knowledge I had prior to walking into your office was of all those awful jokes about root canals:
none good enough to remember, except the part about how excruciating it is to have one! I also appreciated the follow up call I received.”

“My recovery to date has been uneventful: a good thing!” – Julie Pierce

“I can not thank you enough for your excellent care in relieving my tooth pain. I was very impressed by the professionalism of your entire staff. Thank you again.” – Dr. Charlie Gould

“I just wanted you to know how comfortable you made the whole root canal process for me. You took the time to explain everything and made me feel at ease. I will gladly recommend you to any of my friends that need your services. Thank you!” – Jennifer Gress

“Thank you for taking such good care of our patients, especially Dr. Cook.” – Dr. Bruce Cook & Staff

“I feel obligated to write a note of thanks after the visit at your office this week. I went in fearful of what was going to happen and left extremely thankful and happy. I am happy that I had the root canal done because I am out of pain, and I am thankful for having Dr. Martinez there with me. He explained everything before we even started and explained everything during the procedure. He eased my fears and the whole process was pain free! Thanks for such a great job!” – Angie Bottoms

“I appreciate how you had a genuine concern for my comfort and how you took time to explain each phase of the procedure. Your kindness and gentle way will be what I remember most about my visit. If I ever need to have this type of work done again, I hope and pray you will be there! God Bless!” – Mary Catherine Piland

“Thank you so much for the excellent manner in which I was treated during both office visits. I haven’t had any problems with the root canal. Thank you!” – Josephine Myers

“Thank you again for fixing my mouth. You are the GREATEST!!” – Kesha Smith

“I certainly do appreciate your kindness and great attention while in your office. What lovely people you are! You took great care of me and for a “not-so-pleasant” procedure, I knew I was in good hands. It actually was a very pleasant experience! That actually was the best dental experience I’ve had to date~no pain.” – Sharon Graves

“Thank you so much for performing the endo on my comprised tooth. Know I put you on the spot in trying to decide whether to try and save it. I have to say it was a wonderful experience, relatively speaking since I have had no pain since the appointment. Thanks so much for working with me. I really appreciate your help!” – Diane Greenwood


“Staff was very friendly and efficient. Dr. Martinez was great. Kept me informed as to how procedure was going and it was an absolutely painless root canal, during the procedure and after. Would highly recommend this practice.” – Sharon Mcgee

“I was very pleased with my visit and will definitely refer everyone I know to this office. The staff was very polite and kind to me during my visit, my wait time was short and my doctor was GREAT!!!” – Natalee Mcdonnough

“I would highly recommend this practice. Everyone was very professional and on top of what was going on. I am not a good patient and was petrified, to put it mildly, when I came in to have work done. I was truly blessed when my appointment was made with Dr. Timothy Finkler. I had not seen him before but I would not hesitate to go to him again and would recommend him to anyone who needs the services of this group. He was patient with me, informative as he explained the process throughout and did amazing work.” – Susan Martin

“Dr. Martinez is amazing. Feel good as new today except no toothache – YAY!!” – Katie Fletcher

“Great Experience for such a bad tooth.” – Aisha Jenkins

“everybody is so nice” – Anitra Ausmore

“Everyone from the representatives at the front desk to the treatment room were very professional, welcoming, and caring. Dr. Gambrel has a very gentle touch so I’m sure that is why I am pain free the day after my root canal!” – Barbara Mcmanus

“From the greeting when I arrived to the goodbye when I departed. A great professional experience. Worked wlth me on my time schedule .keep me informed on the procedure what was going on.” – Bobby White

“Compassionate professional staff. Work finished in a timely fashion.” – William Biggins

“Professional, courteous, and expedient.” – Robert Hanback

“I was very pleased with the efficiency of the dental assistant and Dr. Finkler. The assistant was very kind and accommodating. I will definitely come back if I need to have dental work done again.” – Donna Folkes

“Very satisfied. Professional and pleasant staff.” – Reuben Glass

“I’m very happy the the service I received ,Dr. Vranas were great Thank you for your understanding .” – Catherine Cooper

“Very relaxed” – Pamela Mclarn


“Outstanding. I was under the impression I was in need of a root canal. I went to see Dr. Martinez. He could have easily done the procedure and charged me a ton of money. Instead, he gave a very thorough exam and told me I didn’t need a root canal at this point in time. Only charged me for an x-ray and consult. Saved me over $1,000!! Class act. Staff was wonderful and extremely knowledgeable. Highly recommended.” – Gary Gleason

“Another great experience. Dr Gambrel did an outstanding and painless job.” – George Russell, Jr.

“This was by far the most professional dental experience I have had yet. I’m not from Virginia. I actually was here visiting from Chicago. I had the worst teeth crisis which lead to me having to get a root canal done! This was scary   painful enough. But I’m glad you guys were able to fit me in. Take all my pain away   accept me as a new patient from out of state! You guys rock!” – Tunesia West

“great people, nice, first time being there, great people” – Woodrow Leap

“Dr. Martinez is a wonderful dentist. All the staff are so professional. Very appreciated.” – Peggy Lee

“The entire staff was friendly and professional. Explained things clearly.” – Jean Bender

“Very professional, very friendly and just plain good.” – David Brownlee

“Dr. Vranas and the staff was friendly and very professional. Excellent customer service.” – Phyllis Gilpin

“I am a self confessed white knuckled dental patient. Staff at Commonwealth Endodontics made me feel at ease and explained things as the root canal progressed. I felt I was in very good hands. I received a call from Marley the next morning checking on me. That was so thoughtful. I have not needed much pain medication but am taking antibiotic and Aleve and that seems to be doing the job just fine.” – Linda Beasley

“From the time my appointment was made at my dentist office, through the root canal procedure, and now while in recovery, the professionalism from Commonwealth Endodontics has been absolutely wonderful. I can’t express enough how great Dr. Vranas and his entire staff performed. Dr. Vranas is so kind, thoughtful and patient, even when I was having a panic attack during the procedure. I’m sure it was his calming and caring voice that got me through it. Even though I missed the check up call the day after, it was so very nice to know that the office staff was checking on me. On that same day, I called right before 5pm and talked to Brittaney about my pain management and she was very concerned and helpful. Thank you all at Commonwealth Endodontics for being the BEST and what you do,” – Kimberly Bickley

“Very nice, friendly team. Awesome environment…. Called back and seen on time….Love Dr. Vranas!” – Tammy Richardson

“Excelent service and staff. Other than the sore tooth the visit was quite plesent” – Robert Rice

“My visit with Commonwealth Endodontics was pleasing, the staff was welcoming and quite friendly. I appreciated that the Dentist displayed a caring and kind disposition all the while being patient and tolerable of my uneasiness as a patient. Thank you Commonwealth Endodontics and I will refer others to your practice.” – Debora Carmon

“Staff is veryour friendly and caring.” – Danielle May

“I greatly appreciated the expertise and care that I received.” – Everett Mclaren

“Excellent Patient care!” – Robin Redford

“Being this was my first ever root canal, I went in..let’s say a little less than excited! My experience was absolutely wonderful considering why I was there.. I would recommend Commonwealth Endodontics to anyone who needs their services. . Thanks guys for a great experience!” – Wallace Wyman

“Personnel at Commonwealth Endodontics were very nice. They made sure I understood the procedure and that I was comfortable during the entire process.” – Linda Sprinkle

“Excellent staff and very nice office. I always feel very comfortable getting work done here. Thanks!” – Jared Vilakis

“Very pleased with the experience.” – Ashton Baskette

“Professional, caring staff. Got an appointment immediately!” – Gail Misturini

“Today was my first visit to Commonwealth Endodontics to be assessed for a possible root canal. My first Impression of this group was a good one. Dr. Finkler’s nurse was very pleasant and efficient in her duties and Dr. Finkler was easy to talk to and thorough in his examination.” – Sarah Wright

“The best medical office visit ever. My second time here and I continue tho be impressed” – Todd Collins

“I needed an urgent appointment for an unforeseen root canal. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Finkler that same day with a referral. At the time, I did not have dental insurance as my plan would not begin until the following month. Dr. Finkler accommodated my needs by performing an urgent pulpectomy for my abscess but waited to charge me until my dental insurance kicked in. A month later, when I had full dental insurance, Dr. Finkler finished my root canal and charged me appropriately. Dr. Finkler’s clinical discretion saved my tooth, treated my infection all the while being sensitive to my financial situation. I felt the care I had with Dr. Finkler and his team was holistic, respectful, timely and thorough. He and his team treated me as a whole person. During my procedure he was generous in explaining what he was doing as well as why it was necessary. Overall, I was impressed by the quality of care I received at Commonwealth Endodontics.” – Katherine Mayer

“Great work by Dr. Finkler on my root canal. Now several weeks later and feeling fine!” – John Norkunas

“My visit was very pleasant. One staff member was particularly friendly and help in handling an issue with my referral!” – LaKeisha Stockton

“My experience was wonderful beginning with the phone call to set up my appointment.” – Sue Marion

“Gentle, caring, nurturing.” – Timothy Goad

“Dr. Barbieri was simply amazing. He genuinely cares for his patients. It was my first visit ever, thankfully no need for a root canal but if I ever needed one I would go back in a heart beat. There should definitely be more Dr’s like him in every field. He truly, truly cares for his patients and that my friends you hardly see. BIG THUMBS UP! Staff was pleasant too!” – Olquita Correa

“Very professional staff and a comfortable environment! Dr Martinez did a fantastic job with both my procedure and explaining the process – before, during, and after. He is extremely competent, knowledgeable, attentive, and patient.” – Marianne Moulton

“This office was such a good experience. Everyone from front to scheduling to dental assistants were polite gentle and kind. Dr Finkler was kind and caring. I have never had such a good experience. Have told everyone at my office where to go if they need Endo work Dr Finkler and this office !!!!” – Susan Shaw

“I called and they got me in the next day. Filled out the forms online so there was no wait once I arrived. Dr. Vranas explained the procedure in detail. He took his time but was very efficient. After the procedure the Dr. gave me his personal mobile phone number to call if I had any issues. Overall fantastic experience!” – Justin Dooley

“Perfect consult! Everyone was very kind and compassionate. I’m very nervous when having anything done to my teeth. They didn’t make me feel wimpy. The doctor was very informative. Excellent experience!” – Norma Ross

“I was pleased from the moment I got there until I left. ALL the staff were welcoming and friendly. Dr. Vranas was prompt, professional and friendly which eased my anxiety greatly. This is the day after the procedure and I am completely pain free which has not been the case in iver a week. I will most definitely recommend tjis office whenever the opportunity presents.” – Patricia Puma

“I was pleased from the moment I walked in until I left. ALL the staff were welcoming and friendly. Dr. Vranas was prompt, professional and friendly which eased my anxiety. This is the day after my procedure and I am totally pain free which hasn’t been tbe case in over a week although I had sought treatment from another dentist. I most definitely will recommend this office whenever the opportunity presents.” – Patricia Puma

“Great experience for my root canal. Dr Martinez and his staff are top-notch. I’ll actually look forward to my next visit! Thanks so much and Happy Holidays!” – Michael Hatchett

“I thought it was great, from check in to check out. Dr. Finkler and LP were personable and awesome. They were very in-tuned to me as a patient and I appreciated it. They informed me that there may be some residual pain, but how to handle it.” – Andrew Inge

“state of the art. both tech   specialist were great. i wouldn’t want to have a root canal done anywhere else. CWE makes the root canal experience as pleasant as is possible. they have the required skill, expertise, technology and equipment needed to do the job right and as best for the patient as possible.” – Barbara Watson

“The best experience. I was in unbelievable pain and they took care of my needs. I did have to wait a while but they got me in to their hectic schedule.” – Pamela Vaughan

“Very pleased with the visit. Dr. Vranas and his assistant were wonderful. It was reassuring to have several contact numbers in case of emergencies. I was quite impressed with the visit.” – Andrea Mason

“I enjoyed meeting Dr. Vranas, Pam, and the rest of the staff. I felt welcomed and I was also surprised that I was able to be seen so quickly. That is pleasant news.” – Robert Putney

“Very clean and professional environment with extremely caring and customer-focused staff. I had to have an emergency root canal and their quick action and nurturing approach made the whole experience easy. Throughout the process, everyone checked on my level of comfort with genuine concern for my well-being. If I ever need an Endodontic professional in my future, I will not hesitate to look to Commonwealth Endodontics as my first choice.” – James Head

“Based on previous visits and the last two visits, there were drastic changes in the staff and office environment. The appointment made Tuesday (12-6-16 w/Chelsey) was a breath of fresh air. Great!” – Joyce Jefferson

“Dr Martinez and Stacy did a great job with my root canal. I was never in pain which is all you can ask for when you get a root canal done. Dr Martinez and Stacy worked great as a team, so the procedure went as smooth as possible. Jim Hribar” – James Hribar

“Everyone at Commonwealth Endodontics were very nice. Dr. Vranas was excellent at answering my questions, and I had no pain throughout the entire root canal, nor any pain after the numbness wore off. It’s been a couple of days later, and I have felt nothing. I am amazed at this because past root canals that were not done by Dr. Vranas were painful. He also had to do my root canal through a bridge. I feel so much better and will be able to enjoy my Christmas thanks to Dr. Vranas. I am very thankful and will highly recommend him to anyone in need of a root canal.” – Kristy Morgans

“Appointment was on time. Received a thorough explanation of my situation and all of my options. I am very happy with my experience.” – Kenneth Venos

“Incredibly pleasant and professional staff! Happy the outcome was that I did not need surgery, but if I ever do I know where I’ll be going!” – Alexandra Andrews

“The dentist i had was great. Omg i forgot her name again. I was in so much pain. She made sure i was comfortable. I was crying in the chair yesterday. She perforned a root canal on me. I feel no pain what so ever, just a slight headache. I believe that came from all the pain pills i was taking. Omg i feel great. If i remember her name im going to post it. Shout out to Commonwealth. I love this place.” – Jacqueline Philip

“Very professional, but with a very personal touch as well. I truly appreciate Dr. Morris and his team’s skills and kindness!” – William May

“The staff was very helpful and caring in making me an appointment as soon as possible. The doctor was very good in telling me what to expect before and after also was very caring.” – Esther Jones

“I was a bit nervous going in. The assistant and Doctor both made me at ease. The procedure wasn’t nearly as bad as I was imagining. I even dozed off a bit. Amazing during a root canal!! I hope I never have to see them again, but if I do, I won’t be nervous going in!” – Dorothy Kuffler

“Wonderful staff! Chelsea, LaPassion and Dr Finkle were fabulous!!!” – Janet Williamson

“I had a root canal done yesterday, which most folks generally view as an entirely negative event. I must say that when I finally got home (I live a little over an hour away) I told my husband that it was a very positive experience! I also said that, “I need to write them a little card to let them know how I feel!” I am certainly glad that you prompted me to provide your wonderful team with complimentary feedback! I am very impressed! I feel that the first contact I had with the office, via telephone, set the tone for the interaction. I was spoken to in a courteous manner that demonstrated empathy for my situation. I found the office easily and was also well received when I arrived. I only waited for a few minutes before being seen, which is rare when you have an appointment late in the day. The facility is clean and modern. The experience in the ‘business’ section of the practice was no different. Dr. Martinez wielded his numbing needle expertly and I experienced very little discomfort. His courteousness toward his assistant did not go unnoticed and I found it refreshing. I also appreciated his sharing of information about my care in a manner that I could understand. You can trust that I will return if ever the need arises!” – Frances Butler

“All the front office staff members I had contact with were very pleasant and friendly. The assistant and doctor did everything to make me comfortable and feel relaxed (as relaxed as I could be under the circumstances). The fact that I had been to your office for previous treatment tells you I was pleased with the care enough to return.” – Gail Smith

“Front office staff great explaining things and costs” – Mary Paul

“Dr Martinez   his assistant Stacy were fabulous – they were quick and efficient and did their best to keep me comfortable throughout my procedure.” – Jennifer Meagher

“Dr Vranas was wonderful. He explained everything to my son and was patient with our questions. The entire staff was friendly and helpful.” – Andrew Hess

“I was in the worst pain and called the office on a Sunday. I left a voicemail and got a return call within 30 minutes from Dr. Vranas. He told me to come in the next day at 9:00 a.m. The office staff was super helpful and accommodating. I needed a root canal and even though they had no openings, they fit me in at the end of the day. I was so thankful because I was in so much pain and they took great care of me!” – Aimee Hall

“Pleasant, efficient and caring. Dr Finkler was gentle. Although he didn’t waste time.” – Patricia Young

“Initial visits to CEW have been wonderful. Hope this continues. Rick” – Richard Watson

“Dr. Vranas was fabulous!!” – Ann Marie Bishop

“Excellent care” – Doug Brown

“Professional and caring doctors and staff” – Susan Bloxom

“There was no delay in the waiting area – I was brought to the treatment room promptly. The staff was courteous and empathetic, ensuring that I was as comfortable as possible during the experience (a root canal – unfortunately inherently unpleasant). Dr Gambrel performed the procedure efficiently, always asking if I was OK and accommodating any pause that I requested. Later in the day, when feeling returned to the affected area, there was absolutely no residual pain or even minor discomfort. I believe that the overall process could not have been better.” – Frank Congel

“After having problems with a root canal, my dentist recommended Commonwealth Endodontics. They were able to work me in that same day and very comfortably correct the issue. I would recommend Commonwealth Endodontics and specifically dr. Finkler anytime.” – Paul Alexander

“Courteous, organized, efficient, at check in. Dr. Gambrel was outstanding. I have already recommended CWE.” – Robert Johnson

“The entire staff is patient, caring, and professional. They went the extra distance to see that I was comfortable during my procedure and that I understood everything, from billing to post-treatment. I am extremely grateful to everyone there for the pleasant experience.” – Luke Bannister

“The staff was pleasant and professional. I was able to get an appointment right away. Dr. Martinez did an excellent job, he’s cordial, knowledgeable, he explained everything to me, and no pain. This was my first time here and I would definitely recommend this practice.” – Colleen Good

“Dr. Finkler and his staff were amazing. Very friendly and very understanding about my dental anxiety. Made me feel so comfortable, that I forgot I was even getting it done while the root canal was going on!” – Alexa Bradley

“Great service and doctor – I appreciate them getting me in quickly! Explained procedures well too, especially to a layman.” – Laurie Dever

“Very professional and always explained what the procedure would entail with Courtney and patience! If you are a little nervous or apprehensive to go to a dentist” – John Lightle

“Calm environment, professional staff, informative description of the dental procedure and excellent care during and after the root canal. Dr Gambrel was a calming influence. Thank you.” – Sandra Washart

“Am so grateful that you could schedule me in yesterday as I will be leaving the country on Monday! Dr. Finkler, David, and the staff were professional, friendly and helpful. Thank you, too, for contacting my dentist’s office to arrange for an appointment to put in permanent filling later in the day. A marathon ‘dental day’ but I’m doing well and all set for my journey. Thank you!” – Nora Newell

“The staff was wonderful and so was Dr. M (can’t remember his name)!” – Marsha Sharpe

“I was referred to Commonwealth Endodontics by my (new) dentist and was not disappointed. I had a very thorough exam and even though Dr. Barbieri was not able to find the source of my tooth pain, he did not try to convince me that I needed multiple root canals or extra x-rays like a prior dentist had.” – Elizabeth Huntoon

“I was so nervous to have a root canal. I was made to feel comfortable and was reassured! The procedure was quick easy and painless. I am thankful for the consideration of the staff.” – Lee Doxey

“Love this place!” – Michelle Hawkins

“All the staff was very nice and kind. The Dr. and Nurse did a great job. No pain during the procedure itself” – Federico Puma

“Took time with me…explained the procedure. Very pleased.” – Sharon Dement

“Dr. Vranas and the staff at Commonwealth Endodontics were very professional and took time to explain my options and asked me how I wanted them to proceed. This is both refreshing and empowering for making any medical decisions. I appreciate their candor and the professionalism.” – Michael Polychrones


“My root canal experience was professionally completed and enjoyed the rest of my day” – Donald Stanley

“Very kind and professional staff. Beautiful facility.” – Susanne Starkey

“Dr. Finkler and Alex did a wonderful job making me as comfortable as I can get in these situations.” – Deborah Baylor

“My experience was very positive. Dr. Barbieri and his assistant Kelly were knowledgeable, skilled and thorough. They were very reassuring and offered many ways to make me feel comfortable during the Procedure.” – Patrica Kawana

“I have always been a very nervous dental patient. This experience was very calming, staff was very compassionate, Dr. Finkle was very kind, and personable, and made the experience very satisfactory. Thank you.” – Rosemary Stovall

“I was very pleased with my treatment at CE. Dr Finckler and his assistant, LaPatience, were attentive, kind, professional and meticulous in their work with me. Even the chair was very comfortable! I felt I was in excellent hands, and am feeling just fine after my root canal (a procedure that no longer is the paradigm of pain). My tooth has expeically long roots, so all took longer. At my request, Dr Dinckler updated me as he was working – it was calming and informative. I highly recommend him.” – Melissa Ferrell

“Staff was great, and easy to work with! Explained in detail my situation and how it would proceed. Everything was great.” – Jason Cagle

“had to get a root canal done. been 15 years since the last one and got to say the procedure has come along way for sure. they still haven’t gotten away from the needle but the rest wasn’t bad. my overall experience was pleasant. they made me feel relaxed and kept asking every so often how i’m doing. I kept still and tried to be a good patient. was a lil hard to see the tv at times with instruments going back and forth. cant say that i’m looking forward to another one but the experience left me without of lot of anxiety towards the next visit. dr gambrel was very professional and efficient. i’m writing this review on the very next day after the procedure. no pain, no discomfort, no off bite, no swelling, no bruised lips from pinching instruments, they had me use a bite block to keep the jaw open—awesome! got to get my regular dentist using those. I could actually move my jaw afterwards! I give them a very high rating. your treated like a person in need and not like cattle- move them in one door and out the next as fast as possible! I will go back for care again.” – Michael Dehaven

“Beautiful, clean, convenient facility. Warm, welcoming and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Vranas and his assistant, Pam, were both wonderful. Could not ask for a better dental experience!” – Marlene Dunivan

“The facility, doctors,and staff are first class.” – Kenneth Tambaschi

“Nice and clean environment. Very friendly atmosphere. Very good experience.” – Jessica Baskerville

“All of the staff I had contact with were polite and kind, they helped calm my anxiety. Very professional!” – Katherine English

“Great” – Lisa Ruzek

“The staff were excellent in dealing with me. Dr.Gambrel, was thorough and explained clearly what was going on with my tooth and her treatment of that condition.” – Toni Baber

“Great very nice staff dentist explained everything” – Vickie Popek

“I found the staff to be professional. I was comfortable with the dentist and his assistant. The scheduled appointment was on time. My dental problem was diagnosed and hopefully, be resolved. I am impressed with your practice.” – William Morgan

“Efficient, Skillful, Friendly, and Cheerful.” – John Allen

“Dr. Martinez did a great job. Everyone in the office was professional and courteous.” – Meleah Hooker

“Had an emergency and got an immediare appointment. Staff was friendly, helpful and knowledgable and very efficient. The doctor was amazing. Would encourage and recommend this practice to everyone!” – Terri Heaton

“Everyone was real nice and accommodating, thank you very much!” – Christy Baker

“I had never needed a root canal before and didn’t know what to expect. The staff and Dr Martinez were especially calming and educated me on what was going to happen along great the way. Painless procedure. Great team.” – Constance Pryor

“My recent visit to Commonwealth Endodontics was informative and a very pleasant experience. My dentist and his assistants were extremely professional and courteous. I would gladly refer my friends to this practice.” – Ronnie Crymes

“It was a amazing experience from the front of the office all the way to the actual procedure. Dr Martinez and Debbie was caring, kind, humble, and very descriptive about what was going to happen. My husband was able to stay in the room with me the entire time. I have a lot of anxiety about the dentist but these two people help keep me calm the entire time. God knew what I needed and what people to put in my path. Thank you so much for what you did for me and none of it will be take for granted. This is the place everyone should go for root canal work because best experience ever. We need a endodontic office like this one in Charlottesville area.” – Vada Holcomb

“Relatively painless.” – Sean Rooney

“Entering the staff makes you feel at ease. The entire facility gives off a very clean and professional image. I was very impressed with the technician and the dentist. Very caring, detailed in questions and exam and willing to answer all questions without rushing” – Robert Norris

“Everyone was courteous and polite and behaved in a professional manner…just wished I hadn’t had to be there.” – Suzanne Hall

“Best service and fast the only pain was the same as a pinch. Great job. Wish they were around years ago.” – Shirley Jefferson

“When you hear you need a root canal you think pain. Without a doubt I had the best experience I could have ever expected. No pain at all, great team. I was surprised that the cost came in under what was estimated in advance of the visit.” – Gilmer Jessee

“The staff and professionals at CWE are committed to making sure the patient has the best experience possible. I was totally impressed with Dr. Vranas ability to relate to me as a patient. His bedside manner was totally reassuring. He showed concern and knowledge with the entire process and assured me that I was in good hands. Each step of the process he alerted me on what to expect and went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable. His staff was friendly, courteous and professional. I would totally recommend them to anyone. Long gone are those archaic methods of painful and stressful root canals. Thanks to CWE for their state of the art equipment, knowledge and experience that ensures a modernized approach to saving teeth. Thank you again for alleviating my fears for this process.” – Linda Jones

“Very comfortable and professional environment.” – Kathryn Siberry

“Made me feel very comfortable! Got me in right away!” – Mary Calvaneso

“The staff was extremely nice, polite and helpful. I was made comfortable at all times. I can’t believe this was a great experience. Timothy Finkler, D. D. S. and his assistance David are a great team. NO MORE PAIN ! Love you guys.” – Deborah Beauchamp

“I have been to this practice twice and I am overwhelmed at how professional and caring they are. I cannot say enough about them to really do them justice. They fit me in both times on an emergency basis, yet there was no waiting, virtually no discomfort in the procedures, no problems afterwards, and continued monitoring by staff. The office business admin staff also did and excellent job. Just cannot praise them enough.” – John Hiller

“Very accommodating, I was seen promptly and the staff was very nice. In addition the dentist and his assistant were both friendly, organized and knowledgeable.” – Marianne Henley

“I got an appointment within 24 hours for my issue. I was not pushed into a root canal when one was not needed at this time. I was seen almost on time, as I had an early appointment at 7:10am. Over all I would go back if and when I do need a root canal in the future on the tooth they are watching” – Deborah Sawyer

“Can’t really imagine how the procedure could have gone better. Keeping one’s mouth open long enough is the biggest cause of discomfort. Professional, capable and friendly. Can’t ask for more.” – Alex Kurland

“Excellent, professional evaluation of a problem tooth.” – Sarah Day

“Dr. Barbieri was very kind and knowledgeable, i was in a emergent situation and the office got me at a surgeon in 45 minutes. Thank you!” – Helen Franco

“Dr. Martinez and his staff provided me with expert and considerate care. I heartily recommend this practice.” – Kenneth Deluca

“I came in after seeing my family dentist on Monday morning. The front desk staff were friendly   very helpful. The dentist   his assistant put me at ease   made this a pleasant experience.” – Betty Estis

“Excellent” – William Poarch

“I was a very anxious patient but the experience was as pleasant as it could possibly be. The entire staff was kind and helpful. The procedure was painless. Great experience!” – Tina Mccay

“Pam and Dr Vranas were terrific. It was my first root canal. They talked me through the entire process and insured I understood what would happen. They both were kind, friendly, and professional. The grounds and office were perfectly maintained.” – Julie Krajicek

“Saw Dr. Vranas for root canal evaluation. He was thorough, professional and explained completely what was going on with my tooth, my best treatment option and what signs to look for that could indicate more issues. This was my first visit with Dr. Vranas and I can confidently say should I need endodontic services in the future, I will call him. Impressive! P.S. In reviewing his bio on Commonwealth Endodontics, I was confident I would like him – he does a lot of much needed volunteer work for those in need of dental work, but no funds to do on their own.” – Lisa Leichssenring

“Wonderful experience. Dr. Finkler is my type of guy. Super job on my root canal.” – Richard Lewis

“If two root canal operations can be called outstanding, mine were. Staring with a lot of email help from Chelsea and ending with Dr. Vrana’s impressive skills it was a great (and surprising experience). Both teeth were dealt with in about 1/2 hour, had expected a much longer visit. Checkout was done very professionally and there were no surprises on the statement. The best part, I will see my local dentist tomorrow and when he is done there will be temporary crowns in place.” – Henry Reinhart

“Very friendly front office staff when I checked in. Dr. Vranas and his assistant, Pam were very knowledgeable and explained everything before starting the procedure. Dr. Vranas gave the easliest injection ever! Checking out was easy and again very friendly staff” – Colleen Hammitt

“Dr Finkler was very upfront and explained everything to me several times to make sure I understood.” – Mary Cullom

“The most professional health care that I have ever experienced. A Great Team !!!” – Fred Norman

“Great service” – Scott Booth

“The dentist and she assistant were both very kind and compassionate.” – Steven Wilson

“Extremely professional with a personal touch.” – Richard Cupp

“Awesome experience very professional and courteous will recommend to all my friends and family” – Kirk Clausen

“Dr. Finkel assistant and other staff were cordial and on time.” – Carolyn Smith

“My doctor did an amazing job, as did her assistant. I was extremely nervous, but they made getting a root canal but as awful as I was previously told. Very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. I will absolutely return if ever necessary.” – Rebecca Brannock

“This was my first experience at Commonwealth Endodontics and my experience was great! My dentist referred me after suspicion that I needed a root canal. I was a little nervous at the thought of having to get a root canal, but Dr. Vranas was amazing! This was my first root canal and he did a great job explaining things and making sure I was comfortable before/during the procedure. I was surprised at how quickly he was able to complete the procedure, and I was even able to go back to work afterwards. I would highly recommend Commonwealth Endodontics to anyone who is in need of a root canal. They are friendly, helpful and professional!” – Colleen Crist

“I was very disappointed because I had waited for over a year until my insurance would pay for another root canal and driving to Richmond is very stressful for me, only to told that I had to go back to my regular dentist first and then come back? She sent me here because she could not treat one particular tooth that has been hurting me and now I will have to be in pain for who knows how much longer.” – Marian Andrews

“This was my first time receiving services at Commonwealth Endodontics. I must say that the experience was awesome and I was very ,very with the results. The staff was friendly and very professional. I would definitely recommend this office to others and I’m looking forward to my next visit” – Barbara Muse

“Dr. Vranas and his assistant Kelly were so responsive to my nervousness when I first met them. They calmed me down, explained each step, and made me feel comfortable. The root canal was actually a pleasant experience, and I never thought I would say that! I also noticed especially how professional they were with each other. I heard many please and thank-you comments between them, and they are my new heroes. Thanks to Commonwealth Endodontics for the most amazing experience.” – Janet Binns

“Although I was extremely nervous and uncomfortable, the staff was very thorough, kind, tolerant and treated me with respect.” – Shirley Thomas

“Very friendly staff!” – Elizabeth Zirkle

“When I entered the facility no one greeted me and informed me what to do or go.I didn’t feel valued,I also was annoyed by the constant reminder of the cost associated with my procedure.” – Keith Bowers

“Very kind and considerate” – Martha Palmore

“This was my first visit to this office. Dr. Finkler and staff were very professional and did everything to keep me comfortable! They explained my procedure step by step! I highly recommend this office!” – Edward Lee

“I was able to get a same day appointment after a holiday weekend for evaluation and a Root Canal. Dr. Barbieri and his assistant, were wonderful in explaining everything and making me feel very relaxed.” – Laurie Halpert

“A very good experience. Dr. Martinez did a thorough job of explaining the procedure and answering my questions. He and Debbie were both responsive to addressing my pain and overall comfort level. Front office staff were professional and fully explained charges several times.” – Elizabeth Daley

“This was my 1st root canal and I was nervous. Everyone was very professional and the dentist explained what to expect. Overall it was not as bad as I had expected. If I could change anything it would be to have the crown sealed with a permanent repair rather than a temporary filling. That would save another trip back to my dentist and also that extra expense.” – Jerry Yarbrough

“All the staff was very friendly and efficient. The office decor was calming and attractive. I had a very good experience.” – Pamela Tisdale

“Very smooth visit – very professional – good advice” – Joyce Burgess

“Very good experience. There was no pain during my root canal work!” – Sean Tierseron

“Impressed with this facility and all the staff,plus they checked up on me” – Robert Marks

“I came in in a lot of pain and they took me right away and was very kind and gentle. They made sure I was comfortably the whole time during a very difficult procedure for me. They started me on the road to feeling better imm” – Jacqueline Miller

“Dr. Finkler and his assistant LP were awesome! Definitely made sure I was comfortable, listened to my concerns and made sure I knew I could call with any questions. #1 in my book! Thank you!” – Daisy Tuck

“Everyone was most pleasant and attentive. The procedure went very smoothly and quickly and I have had no negative reactions or pain at all.” – Mary Burruss

“After more root canals than I care to count Dr Martinez did a GREAT JOB, he and his tech were very nice, and checked with me during the procedure to make sure I was ok I would recommend them to everyone” – Larry Walters

“Both the Dr. and the assistant were VERY kind and personable, kept me calm even though it was difficult to get me numb and I was feeling some pain. Very reassuring and calming. I appreciated that VERY much.” – Edward Howard

“Excellent, efficient work!” – Dennis Flannery

“Everyone was very professional and pleasant to deal with” – Percival Mayers

“Entire staff was friendly/welcoming. Dr. Finkler and David were superb! Blazingly fast/efficient and virtually painless! Thank you!” – Weldon George

“First, I can’t speak highly enough about the care that was provided by Dr. Gambrel and her nurse. They were sensitive to my pain and went above and beyond in trying to find a doctor to extract my tooth. I’d like to also thank one of the office assistants who made multiple calls to find a dentist to take me with such short notice. She was amazing and I am so appreciative of her help and positive spirit. That said, I think the out of pocket $650 is ridiculous. Had I not had a Care credit card, I couldn’t have paid that amount. Why not submit it to our insurance company and if they don’t approve it, then send us a bill? I have Delta Dental and I know they might not pay the entire $650 that I paid yesterday but they’ll definitely cover a portion of it. I just think these out of pocket charges are an unnecessary source of worry for patients who are probably there due to a dental emergency. I will be informing my dentist (who referred me) of this office policy. He needs to know that this might make it financially impossible for someone to get treatment at your office. To put this into perspective, I paid $650 to have a (wonderful) doctor tell me that she couldn’t help me (which I understand) but paid $43 TOTAL to have a tooth extracted (which actually fixed the problem). This is totally unreal to me. That said, my overall experience was wonderful with Dr. Gambrel, her nurse, and the office staff member who found me an appointment. I just think the out of pocket charges are crazy, especially for people who have dental insurance. Thank you, Loftan” – Loftan Miller

“As a VERY nervous dental patient, I was made to feel comfortable and reassured as I endured my first root canal. Dr. Martinez and Debbie were so informative during the procedure, and they exhibited great teamwork. The employee who called me the next day to see how I was doing was very friendly and answered my questions. All in all, a surprisingly “not so bad” experience! I would highly recommend them for endodontic procedures.” – Patricia Morrison

“I want to thank Dr.Finkler and his assistant for their kindness, patience and concern during my somewhat difficult root canal. Everything was carefully explained and Dr.Finkler was very meticulous. I felt great confidence in his care and abilities. I will never let anyone else do a root canal on me !! The staff was also very welcoming and polite. A wonderful practice with warm, awesome people. Thank you.” – Linda Wise

“5+ stars! highly impressed by the entire staff” – Katherine Wolford

“Thank you so much to all the staff that helped with making my appointment, registering me, prepping, during the procedure, and check out; you all were very pleasant, helpful,   thorough. BIG thank you to Dr. Martinez for making me (the adult baby) feel more at ease about the procedure and for keeping his promise of “you won’t feel any pain”. I will not hesitate to come back if needed and certainly won’t hesitate to refer family   friends here. Y’all are top notch! Thank you so much!” – Sherry Alston

“Professional, wasted no time taking care of my needs. Excellent and friendly.” – Roger Shumaker


“Everyone was wonderful!” – Jeremy Williams

“I had a very positive experience with every point of contact with this practice–from arranging the appointment, to reception desk encounters on arrival, to the prep, and the friendly and very professional treatment during the procedure by the excellent Dr. Gambrel and her assistant. Conclusion: There is a high level of caring competence all the way around this practice.” – Philip Kronenberg

“Great experience! Dr. V had excellent bedside manner and sraff was amazing.” – Nicole Pontorno

“The quick response to provide emergency services is much appreciated. I was examined in the morning and given an appointment for a root cannel in the afternoon. The quality of service and the professional services were excellent. Many thanks to the staff for their professional and personable response to my emergency.” – Ramon Pardue

“The doctor and staff are so wonderful, no one likes coming to a dentist but in this case they make it comfortable for me” – Anna Wright

“Dr. Finkler was professional and friendly. Office staff was efficient and welcoming. Very good experience overall” – Jessica Marsh

“The staff was very pleasant and professional. They explained everything in detail prior to performing.” – Tomeka El-amin

“Dr. Martinez and staff were friendly and professional. Painless root canal. Not requiring any post procedure pain meds.” – Mark Rosenberg

“Excellent service and staff. The dentist, Dr. Barbieri, is the best I have ever had. He is patient, explains what he is doing and is very conscientious about the comfort of the patient as he does his work. All staff have been very friendly and welcoming.” – Susan Martin

“Great place” – Thomas Grant

“Understood that i was a nervous patient and worked with me” – Albert Petera

“Kelly and Dr Berbieri put me right at ease during my root canal. Very informative and reassuring.” – Melissa Carter

“Very good experience in every way. Professional, on time. Dr. Martinez explained everything thoroughly, was most courteous. Everyone was friendly and efficient. I feel I received excellent care. Highly recommend.” – Debrah Davis

“A totally professional team got me in and out within about an hour, everything on time, and no pain.” – Daryl Webb Jr.

“Very professional. Exceeded my expectations.” – Stephen Bonney

“My visit was great. With a root canal I expected pain, there was no pain. Even afterwards , there was no discomfort. Dr.Martinez is the best.” – Barbara Gray

“Highly professional.” – Marcel Cornis-pop

“I needed a root canal. My small mouth made it difficult for the nurse taking the x-ray, but she was successful. Doctor Vranas once again made me as comfortable as possible when he numbed my jaw. He prepared the tooth for the crown. I was very pleased with Doctor Vranas and his assistants. The ladies working the office were all very kind and helpful.” – Jacqueline Thompkins

“My experience could not have been better. All aspects of my visit to your practice were superior!!” – Thomas Frazier

“Great experience. Had trouble with a tooth, called and they got me in the very next morning. Courteous and professional staff was helpful through the entire process. Doctor fully explained what he was doing and why, gave me all the treatment options before doing anything. Highly recommend this group.” – John Kalita

“Both Dr. Varanus and his staff are knowledgeable and caring…. Their kindness is extended immediately as you enter the waiting room and continues till you leave… They are efficient, professional and supportive even when the news is not as positive as you would like…. overall office atmosphere establishes trust and relieves stress when dealing with dental issues.. WONDERFUL DOCTOR and STAFF ?” – Betty Mitchell

“I was in major pain with a tooth issue and they were able to see me the same day for consultation and schedule a root canal therapy also for the same day. Dr. Ron Vranas was extremely professional and answered all of my questions and concerns. Best of all he was able to perform the root canal and alleviate my pain the same day. I honestly was in so much pain and a little nervous about the procedure but after talking with Dr. Vranas he made me very comfortable about the upcoming procedure. Very courteous front desk and assistants as well.” – Thomas Schwartz

“I have received treatment here on a few occasions now and have been very pleased with all aspects of the treatment. They have even called to check on me the following day. These folks are great.” – Ned Morris

“I was able to get an appointment the same day as needed. I was in terrrible pain and was concerned the procedure was not going to work. The staff was professional and reassuring and explained the procedure well, both in advance and after. 18 hours after the procedure and I am virtually pain-free!” – James Robb

“made me feel very comfortable with the whole process” – William Belcher

“This was my second visit to CWE and I was quite pleased with the communication and care from Dr Vranas and his assistant, Pam. Dr Vranas presented the issues and options clearly and his professional opinions were appreciated. Without a doubt, would recommend CWE for friends and family.” – Robert Sui

“Doctor took time to answer questions and explained steps he was taking as he did the root canal. His nurse was kind and explained what was going on as I was being treated.” – Cynthia Mallory

“I thought it was a great experience very knowledgeable and helpful” – Brittany Zagurski

“My root canal procedure was less painful than some fillings I’ve had.” – Walter Denton

“For a Monday morning root canal, everything here was awesome. Everyone was very nice and helpful.” – Rebecca Slusser

“Excellent all around!” – Jolene Smutz

“the staff was very professional” – Jennifer Polk

“I was very pleased with the professionalism, courtesy, and “gentle” care that staff provided. Reception greeted me and put me at ease. Billing was also done in a very professional manner. My special gratitude to Dr. Barbieri, Courtney and Kelly for their kind care, patience, and thorough explanations of all procedures and process. I also appreciated having the registration forms on-line so I could hand over all the completed paper work upon arriving.” – Judith Douglas

“I was so nervous coming in to get a root canal. Dr. Martinez   Deb were so comforting   provided great services.” – Michelle Fryling

“A pleasant experience all staff professional.” – Gregory Jackson

“I was seen on time, and everyone I came in contact with was friendly and courteous. The staff explained the procedure thoroughly before they began and constantly checked to make sure I was comfortable. I was given great follow up information, and the office contacted me a couple of days later to make sure I was doing well.” – Susan Hart

“Friendly staff. Very professional.” – Matthew Long

“I have been to this office several times and each time have gotten excellent treatment from Dr. Gambrel Morris and the staff. All aspects are explained beforehand (appointment, financial, procedure). The procedure was painless. Wouldn’t do anywhere else!!!!” – Catherine Yancey

“I was an out of town visitor with an emergency dental issue. The staff and Dr. Vranas were compassionate and professional. I felt like a part of the process not the process…. Dr. Vranas saved me from a painful tooth during a family crisis. These guys are true PROS.” – William Martin

“was able to get an appt. before headed out of town for the rest of the week   got my root canal! Have had residual pain but have been told this is normal. Really appreciated the DR   staff!” – Carolyn Kipps

“Quick, very professional!” – William Duncan

“The process of scheduling an appointment, being assessed and having a future appointment scheduled with an oral surgeon was smooth, simple and as pleasant as possible. The staff was friendly, professional and efficient. Brandy’s positive attitude and expertise made me feel comfortable and trusting. Dr. Morris explained things clearly and thoroughly and showed compassion about what’s next. I really appreciated the whole experience.” – Cecilia Thomas

“Very knowledgeable and professional. Great service.” – Ian Huffman

“Excellent service! I was able to get a same day appointment, and the staff was amazing!” – Ashlee Lee

“I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Vranas has a great bedside manner. The staff were friendly and helpful and my appointment was on time.” – Patricia Walton

“Everyone was extremely nice and spoke in layman terms so I understood everything. I will definetly, strongly suggest anyone that would need your services call you. If you could have a good experience getting a hole drilled in your tooth, you guys are the cream of the crop.” – Renee Mcburney

“I was very pleased with how comforting the dentist and staff are. I have a very low tolerance for pain and can be a big cry baby at times…..lol. They put my mind at ease and was very gentle. I would highly recommend them, they do great work!” – Michelle Johnson

“I liked filling out my forms online prior to my appointment. The front desk was welcoming and my nurse,was super sweet and made sure I was comfortable. Dr. Martinez was professional and friendly too. Thanks!” – Elyse Diehl

“Dr. Madelyn Morris and her assistant made a bad situation (root canal) painless! Would highly recommend!!” – Janet Yaugo

“Wonderful experience … great doctor and staff” – Grace Al-wazzan

“The staff is very friendly and polite and the doctor answered all my questions and made me feel at ease about my procedure. I would highly recommend Commonwealth Endodontics!” – Kimberly White

“Great facilities and convenient for me . Able to get appointment same day and minimum waiting time to see the doctor. he did a root canal for me in 2000. Excellent doctor and very careful in determining the right tooth. Concerned afterwards for five hours because of pain but quieted down after taking sedative. Rested well during night. Everything OK today” – James Shaw

“I was referred and seen on the same day, which I really appreciated. After my root canal procedure I was given very detailed instructions for dealing with the pain, but I have to say I have experience very little pain and have not needed much medication at all! Dr. Barbieri and all the staff were very kind” – Anita Garber

“Took me on time. Reviewed x-ray with me. Explained.” – Janet Lehre

“We had to do an emergency root canal for our son. Doctor Barbeiri performed it. He was very patient and friendly and because of that the procedure was a breeze. The staff is also very friendly and efficient.” – Alan Tobin

“Professional staff; competent; PAINFREE, made me feel extremely comfortable. I would definitely return for Endodontic care. Dr. Vranas and Kelly were wonderful!” – Kathy Moore

“Very disappointed in results! Dr. Steve Barbieri sealed up my tooth #13 with a cotton ball and a temporary filling. I can still feel the hole! Can’t get it fixed till sometime in Jan. 2018. Will A temporary filling last 4 months??? I would like to speak with the doctor when he has time.” – Roy Fuller

“This was my best dental experience ever!!!! I went in for a root canal and, had absolutely no pain at all. I?ve heard so many horror stories about root canals. Well, it?s obvious those folk have been going to the wrong places. I” – Tyrone Davis

“My visit was simply a great experience. The staff was so friendly and made me feel at ease, The office setting was so beautifully decorated. My dentist was excellent. Great customer service.” – Ivy Sharpe

“Nice atmosphere; pleasant staff; nice office. I know that because they are specialist, there would be certain charges, however, the 3D scan of my tooth wasn’t absolutely necessary just to say the same thing my primary dentist already explained to me. No treatment was done to my tooth although I was sent for a “treatment plan”. $236 dollars later to tell me my tooth may need to be taken out! Wow! Just give me a pair of pliers and some Tylenol and call it a day. If you’re on a fixed income, you won’t be able to afford a visit!” – Sheila Jones-bush

“Everything Great!!!!!!!!” – Thomas Kaufman

“My experience was awhole lot better then expected. I expected a root canal to be very painful, but couldn?t have been further then the the trouth” – Michael Schatzberg

“Great” – Alice Stephens

“Very professional.” – Kimberly Holmstrom

“I have had a couple procedures done with Dr. Morris and love her and her staff. I recommend them to everyone.” – Robert Johnson

“The place to go! Professional. Thorough. Experienced. Had a root canal and from start to finish I wasn’t worried and in good hands! I’ve already passed on a referral to a coworker. I won’t go anyplace else.” – Raymond Scott

“Pleasant experience from first conversation by phone to setup appointment to the time I left with my new “tooth”.The staff and Dr’s were very considerate and professional. The story being passed around about how awful and painful a root canal procedure is must be a myth. My experience was quite the opposite.Not to say I want to run out and get another one mind you! Just nothing like I feared going in. Must give a shout out to Dr. Martinez and his wonderful assistant Debbie for a job well done. Thank you both!” – Boyd Buchanan

“After scanning my teeth with CBCT machine, which the awesome dental assistant helped me with because they needed a better picture of the area. Dr. Martinez explained the options left to me and made feel compelled comfortable with my choices.” – Kimberly Richardson

“My visit was punctual, friendly, informative, and efficient.” – Elaine Haug

“I feel absolutely great today. I have not had a moments discomfort from the root canal. Not even any soreness where I received the injections. I never even took any analgesics. Wonderful experience if you can call having to have a root canal wonderful.” – Marian Ferguson

“Quick and nearly painless, all in all not what I expected. Lot less pain and soreness then I had thought. And dr. Fink ler ate his Wheaties. I only hope that I don’t have to have another root canal. If so you’ve got my mouth in your hands thanks Mike Kimbrough” – Michael Kimbrough

“Staff was polite and professional. The doctor was the same. He was also great at explaining the details of the next steps I needed to take.” – Rodney Epps

“I was surprised how quickly I was able to get an appointment to both determine if I needed a root canal and have the procedure on the same day. Everyone was very professional and friendly, and the procedure was done quickly and painlessly.” – Cheri Taylor

“Quite an unexpected experience! This was my first root canal, and from stories I had heard, I was expecting an unpleasant procedure. Instead I found the experience to be painless and uneventful. Preregistering on-line make checking in a breeze! The front desk staff was also professional and friendly making check-in and check-out quick and easy. Kudos to Dr. Vranas and his nurse for their exceptional care. Both were highly professional and personable. They both made me feel quite comfortable and explained what was happening during the procedure. I would recommend Commonwealth Endodontics, Dr. Vranas and his staff to anyone needing a root canal.” – Frank Fulgham

“I have now had a root canal on two teeth, performed by Dr. Martinez, and the work in both instances was very professional and done with great skill. In fact, every encounter with anyone at Commonwealth Endodontics was very professional, and everyone was courteous and attentive. I certainly don’t like root canals, but if it must be done, then this is where to go.” – Aubrey Carroll

“Very nice and informative staff. They made me feel at ease.” – Melinda Grider

“The process was a lot less uncomfortable than was expected – there wasn’t even a need to use the Motrin following the procedure.” – James Hopper

“Have had several root canals here and it’s always a breeze . Thanks to the wonderful doctors and great staff!!!” – Robert Johnson

“I was taking care of very professionally. Dr. Martinez was very professional, also his assistant. The whole staff was on the job. I recommend him for all of my root canals.” – Maxine Myers

“Great facility with an excellent staff!” – Willard Bailey

“I was in excruciating pain from a tooth that needed a root canal and Commonwealth Endotontics squeezed me in right away! The staff was SUPERB!!! The dentist walked me through everything he was doing and made me feel very comfortable during the procedure. One of the best experiences I’ve had with a dentist!! Highly recommend them.” – Ayisha Grace

“I went in pretty terrified and was immediately put at ease. I felt absolutely no pain during the procedure and the team was absolutely brilliant.” – Claire Muddiman

“1st visit and couldn’t be happier with my referral!” – Kenna Turner

“The root canal of #14 took a long time, but it was worth it and the tooth avoided any hot/cold feelings like before. The needles were OK. Dr. Schroeder was excellent.” – Lorraine Jester

“This practice is very welcoming. I feel great being there. Everyone is very professional.” – Marnie Varga

“Having to undergo a root canal would not be at the top of my bucket list, but my experience with Commonwealth Endodontics could not have been improved. Thanks for the excellent job in all aspects.” – Patricia Gibbs

“Commonwealth Endo is so easy to work with. They get you in quickly with clear and friendly communication. Dr. Martinez is professional and empathetic. He explains things clearly and you feel like he has your best interests in mind when working with you.” – Heidi Greene

“Dr. Martinez has done several root canals (unfortunately) for me. He is careful to explain what he needs to do and why. He assures that I am comfortable during the procedure and afterwards as well. I love Dr. Martinez! He’s the best!” – Marie Reese

“I had an excellent experience! I never thought I’d say that about anything related to dental work. The staff from the moment I made my appointment to the moment I checked out were completely supportive and respectful. I was very apprehensive about the work I needed done but they worked hard to make sure I felt calm and comfortable. Their patience was huge and I appreciated that. I would certainly go again and would recommend them to anyone….without a doubt!” – Rebecca Puffenbarger

“I appreciated the conservative approach taken. This was my first visit. Dr. Finkler verified the diagnosis of my regular dentist and discussed options with me to see whether I wanted to proceed immediately or wait and see. There was no underlying push toward expensive treatment and he answered my questions objectively. I opted for immediate treatment and he kept me informed during the process. It turned out that I had more bleeding than normal so my root canal had to be broken into two visits…again, it seems to me a conservative approach which I feel is sensible with regard to non-emergency medical procedures. The reason the procedure needed to be stopped on that day was clearly explained, my questions were answered and I made the follow up appointment. I never had a feeling of ‘business as usual’…which I find appropriate for medical procedures.” – Martin Fawls

“Friendly and informative. If you ever need a root canal, I highly recommend this group” – Hannah Barlow

“When I found out I needed a root canal I was terrified. I have had fillings, a crown, even work done on two chipped front teeth and wisdom teeth cut out but I still was scared at the thoughts of it. I have to say Dr. Finkler was great. He explained each step, letting me know what to expect, by the sound or the feeling. He made me feel comfortable throughout the entire procedure. There wasn’t any pain, the noise and awkwardness of holding your mouth open were the only downsides. I would recommend anyone who feels the same as I did to go call Dr. Finkler. He and his assistant were the best at what they do. Thank you for making this experience a good one.” – Mary Poole

“Great, professional, pretty darn painless” – Stephen Shanks

“Root Canal procedure was relatively painless. Staff and doctor were pleasant and professional.” – Robert Huberman

“Wonderful customer service, everything thoroughly explained beforehand. Very friendly and cheerful.” – Jerry Jackson

“Submitted by Angela P. Hall” – Angela Hall

“Dr. Martinez and his assistant, Debbie are top notch! He has a way of making Novacaine absolutely painless! He is very thorough and explains all parts of the exam and the treatment to you. His assistant is very attention to detail about your comfort as well. Couldn’t say enough positive things about this establishment!” – Jennifer Harless

“This was the BEST dental experience that I have ever had in my adult life.” – Carolyn Brown

“This was an excellent experience! No pain and the Dr. went way out of his way to accommodate by injured neck.” – Michelle Rahman

“CWE got me in on an emergency case very quickly. They made check-in super easy with the online forms. The staff was friendly and did a great job. I was extremely satisfied. My progress has been just as they told me. Great job guys.” – Carlos Burns

“Absolutely the kindest, most efficient group of professionals and administrative staff. Have had several complicated procedures, and each was successfully completed. Follow-up was superb.” – Dayna Paxton

“Great People, great service” – Brian Henschel

“Great place, friendly and knowledgeable people. The staff was attentive and caring. Dental Assistant, Debbie, was the ABSOLUTE BEST! This was not my first visit but I can say my experience each time is always the same. Hard to get that kind of consistency. Excellent!” – Gayle Wilkerson

“Totally awesome experience, the Doctor and his assistance were fantastic. The procedure was completely painless and recovery has been great. Thank your entire staff for making an unpleasant situation seem normal. I would recommend your office to anyone. Thanks again, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year” – Durward Pace

“Took me on an emergency appointment. They were on time, explained everything they were going to do, had a thorough examination.” – Carol Williams

“After contacting my dentist due to pain in one of my teeth, I was referred to Commonwealth Endodontics since he didn’t perform root canals on molars. Dr. Schroeder performed an evaluation followed by the root canal. He was assisted by Courtney, and I was amazed at their team effort in performing the surgery. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing this type of treatment, and I plan to request them in the future if the need is there. The receptionist (Brittney) was pleasant and efficient during my initial call to make an appointment.” – Steven Montgomery

“Great doctor and excellent experience with scheduling an appointment. The best!” – David White

“Thank you for your help,kindness and honesty” – David Shaw

“Everybody at the office was very nice. Dr. Martinez has a wonderful bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable under the circumstances. They were also very good about getting me in prior to having a hip replacement so I was in a big time crunch. Would definitely recommend them in the future” – Nancy Zubof

“It’s never fun to get a root canal but you make it not so bad” – Nancy Russell

“My experience with Commonwealth Endodontics, specifically Dr. Tim Finkler and his assistant David was very, very positive. They were concerned about me throughout the duration of the appointment. They took the time to explain why and what they were doing. They ensured that I was comfortable, even providing a warm, fuzzy blanket. Dr. Finkler also looked after my best interests in performing both procedures during this appointment. Both David and Dr. Finkler were personable and very easy to talk to, making the overall experience an A+.” – Pamela Parrish

“Dr. Finkler is wonderful with my daughter with disabilities. He understands how to talk with her, and he tries to make the visits as stress free as possible. He also tries to help her avoid major procedures whenever he can.” – Shannon Farthing

“I was greeted right away when I came in. Went over paper work I needed to fill out. At my appointment time the receptionist let me know they were running a little behind.The appointment started and I was told exactly what was going to happen.” – Ronald Harrison

“Dr. Finkler was amazing. I have an extreme phobia of the dentist and while it wasn’t easy for me, the staff at CWE made me feel safe and comfortable. I appreciate their kindness and support.” – Regina Worrell

“Very friendly staff, and made sure I felt as little discomfort as possible.” – Nancy Walton

“Very well ran office. Smooth transitions. No long waits. Staff was always pleasant.” – Jenifer Crossley

“All staff persons were friendly, competent   professional.” – Caroline Fergusson

“The overall experience was great!” – Chanae Sanders

“The staff and Dr was excellent. Took the time to assess what was truly needed. I felt comfortable and confident.” – Joni Moncure

“Extremely cooperative in getting me into their office for an evaluation and even planned time for inevitable care, making it possible to deal with my problem with one visit. They took the time to discuss my game plan and made sure I understood my situation and options. I would highly recommend them to anyone….and already have!” – Susan Eanes

“Ridiculous price compared to other partnership I called. Retreat 300, post removal 300, internal bleach 300 per visit, endo partners retreat 190, post removal 0, bleach 220 for as many as needed. You must have seen me drive up in my rolls Royce. The price difference is absurd. Everything else was excellent.” – William Smith

“Awesome staff who worked hard to get me in quickly!” – Jessica Mcdaniel

“Dr. Martinez has worked on me twice. Once in 2010 and once in 2018. His “bedside manner” is as excellent as his dental work. He explains everything he is doing exceptionally well and his sincere care for his patient’s well-being is obvious. I would highly recommend Dr. Martinez to anyone needing endodontist services.” – Hartwell Rainey

“The building presents itself as a well run place. It is. All of the staff who greeted me and helped me were personable and friendly. The forms were as long as one would expect. They also offered chilled bottled water and choices of coffees, and tables! so you can get some work done if you have to wait. I have never had a doctor communicate so well what he was doing, why, and what I could expect.” – Jonathan Shouse

“I am not the best patient and have a hard time with any sort of dental procedure. I was seen by Dr. Vranas, right away he and his nurse could tell I was nervous about the procedure. They took extra time ensuring I was comfortable and clear on what needed to be done and walked me through certain parts of the procedure. I cannot say enough good things about Dr Vranas and his nurse they are “Top Notch” in my book!” – Susan Brown

“Everyone was very accommodating, and extraordinarily professional. The entire experience was splendid, from step 1 to done.” – Brandie Stimac

“I cannot say enough about Dr. Martinez. He is perfect and makes the experience of a root canal so very easy!! I wish he could be my doctor for everything!!” – Nancy Coby

“Everyone was professional in their knowledge, interactions with me and explained the procedures excellently. Very impressed with everyone I spoke to” – Edward Browder

“As enjoyable as a root canal can be, we had a Super experience – from the time we walked in the door to the time we checked out. I can’t recommend this practice enough! Dr. Finkler and his staff are above top notch!” – Christopher Harper

“I was referred to CWE for a root canal by my dentist (Dr. Peter Murchie) since he doesn’t do root canals on molars. I was somewhat concerned about going somewhere else since I am so comfortable with Dr. Murchie.. However, this turned out to be a wonderful experience. Dr. Schroeder and his assistant (Courtney) explained the process prior to beginning, and continually checked on me throughout the procedure. Everyone at the office was friendly, and I was called the day following the procedure by a staff member. I have found a new home for specialty procedures, and I plan to recommend CWE to my friends. Peter Murchie) since he doesn’t do root canals on molars.” – Steven Montgomery

“The staff was wonderful, they did what they could to make it as pleasant as possible. It was obvious they knew what they were doing and performed the procedure impeccably.” – Melinda Martin

“Dread is the only word to describe my feeling as I showed up to get my first root canal. But my experience with Dr. Vranas and the staff at CWE was nothing short of Amazing , from check in to check out, including the totally painless procedure itself. ( ELO never sounded so good ) What a relief! And thanks again.” – Mark Cohen

“Root canals are not fun but your practice makes it as pleasant as possible.” – Anne Thomson

“Dr. Vranas and Pam were wonderful. They treated my husband immediately and were very caring during the entire appt. he had to have root canal and work on several teeth. We would recommend anyone who needs dental work to visit Dr. Vranas!” – James Curtis

“Service is the best I ever had no pain” – Clifford Hughes

“Everyone in the office was friendly and professional.” – Rebecca Kline

“Friendly, time efficient, and accommodating. Would highly recommend!” – Natalie Boucher

“very thorough work, good explanation given to me of my issue” – Mary Whitmore

“Took me on time. Waited the usual 20 minutes you wait anywhere for the doctor. Very pleasant doctor and staff, feel like they are very competent and are not going to make your problem worse than it is.” – Janet Lehre

“Dr. Martinez is awesome. Root canal performed with very little, if any, discomfort. A++++” – Robert Mayo

“Excellent service and care by Dr. Martinez and the Dental Assistant.” – Robert Andrews

“The entire staff was polite and helpful. Dr. Barbieri was wonderful. He takes time to explain things to you and is very compassionate.” – Melissa Black

“Dr. Martinez keeps patients well informed throughout the process. I very much appreciate how Dr. Martinez treats his patients. He explains each step as he does it, which helps with nervous patients like me. I first saw him 7 years ago, and when my dentist said I needed to see someone for a root canal, I requested that she refer me back to Dr. Martinez.” – Leslie Payne

“Very positive and educating.” – Sherry Stolte

“My second visit. Exceptional service both times!” – Stephen Bonney

“Great experience. Very professional staff.” – Marcus Mcgahee

“I would recommend your Practice without hesitation! The pain in my tooth developed and spread rapidly. I was able to get an appointment very quickly and the situation was resolved. Everyone that I interacted with from Billing, Check-in, Assistant ,Doctor and follow-up the following day were all Excellent – knowledgeable, professional, kind and reassuring at each step. Thank you!” – Ann Vandersyde

“The process was easy, friendly and comfortable from start to finish. I really appreciated Debbie and Dr. Martinez for making a dreaded experience, almost pleasant! I appreciate the care and concern they had for me.” – Hanson Mabry

“Everyone was very kind and attentive.” – Cynthia Lee

“I have severe anxiety when it comes to the dentist and I have to say this was the best trip to the dentist ever. Everyone was so nice and kind and Dr. Schroeder was so wonderful with explaining everything and making sure I was comfortable before he did anything. I will always go here if I need an endodontist again.” – Rhonda Atkinson

“I have had 2 root canals from two different doctors at Commonwealth Endodontics and I believe they both made the experience as pleasant as that procedure can be. Both of my root canals needed to be done within specific timeframes due to other dental work I needed and both times Commonwealth Endo was able to fit me in to have both my evaluation and procedure completed in one appointment.” – Cheri Taylor

“I was so anxious about my visit until dr Martinez and staff took their time and changed the way i feel about my root canal procedure they made it so comfortable and walked me through every step of the way which didnt allow me to think of the scary things like prior dental experiences where you dont know whats going on. They even call to see how your doing the day after. Great job!” – Shelia Click

“The Doctors and staff are fantastic. They are reassuring,warm, and caring. They made the visit very nice.” – Rebecca Nelson

“I was very happy the way Dr.Finkler treated my daughter and the way he followed up during tough times and giving good suggestions. I vote for him100%” – Varenya Gorrey

“Dr Vranas is great! Tooth pain or anything to do with teeth are my kryptonite. This is my second root canal with Dr Vranas and he made sure I was comfortable through out and gave me thorough follow up care instructions, as well as telling me to call or text with any questions. Hate having anything to do with teeth but if I have to Commonwealth Endonotics is where I will go.” – Karen Mitchell

“The staff and doctor at Commonwealth Endodontics were friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. The examination was quick and painless. All my questions were answered. I am lucky to have such a great specialist if I need any further treatment.” – Nancy Walsh

“I am relieved that i was referred to this practice. Dr. Finkler was thorough, kind, and reflective about the multiple challenges I face stemming from major oral trauma I sustained from a high-speed cycling accident. The entire team, including David and Hali (as well as others I didn’t catch their names), have been professional while empathetic. I’m certain that I will have confidence in the ultimate treatment plan proposed.” – Gregory Smiley

“I had a wonderful and comfortable experience, if that can be said about having a root canal. Dr. Vranas played 60’s music during my procedure and it was relaxing….” – Vivian Coleman

“Had a wonderful experience. I’ve already told other folks about the care i received and how i was treated.” – Michael Cross

“They were terrific- eased my fears, informative and not a long wait in the waiting room!” – Joan Hurley

“Very satisfied with dentist, staff and the procedure. Very professsional and gentle in patient treatment.” – Burton Marshall

“They take such good care of you here. They are friendly. I had Dr. Harold Martinez. He puts you at ease and explains the procedure as he goes along.” – Harolyn Redmond

“So friendly ! Very professional ! Dr. Vranas   nurse was very kind !” – Pamela May

“The staff is professional, knowledgeable, efficient, and especially patient in answering my questions. I would highly recommend their services.” – Cynthia Thornes

“First-time visit! My Doctor and Assistant were first class. This was probably one of the best procedures I ever had done at a Dental Office. I didn’t feel a thang. The only thing that I would take a 1/2 point off would be the headrest on the chair. For me, it was hurting my neck but my the Dental Assistance recognize that I was uncomfortable and offer me a pillow. I was fine after that so the 1\2 point is back.” – Kenneth Gibson

“Dr. Finkler clearly explained the options available to treating my tooth. He explained the pros and cons to each possible treatment option and made it very easy for me to decide which option to pursue.” – Robert Catlett

“A 2 would be the best I can do” – Michael Wood

“Amazing! I’ve had two root canals there and Dr Morris performed both of them. She makes an historically unpleasant experience (root canal) quite pleasant. They are so professional and courteous. I would recommend CWE to anyone in need of serious dental work.” – Michael Alexander

“Not only do I work for Commonwealth Endodontics, but I also trust ALL the Endodontists in our practice with my own personal care. Dr. Madelyn Morris and Dora her assistant took GREAT care of me! No pain at all was involved in any part of this process. They soothed my dental anxiety and made me feel comfortable during the whole root canal. I highly recommend everyone to come see us for your root canal needs, all of our Endodontists are professional and amazing at what they do!” – Kelsey Robertson

“I was extremely pleased with the service and experience of the medical staff.” – Soncera Holland

“Very professional service from entire staff from front desk crew to dental assistants and certainly, Dr Martinez. This was my second experience with this group ( referred by my primary dentist) and both experiences were top notch. I felt a great deal of personal attention and care from all involved and would not hesitate to refer others to this group.” – Marybeth Matthews

“Probably no one wants to go to an endodontist, but if you must, this practice is as good as it gets! Professional, thorough and painless. Now, if I need another root canal, I won’t mind at all! I cannot recommend Dr. Madelyn Morris highly enough!” – Alana Courtney

“The staff was friendly and very efficient. Everyone took the time to explain what they were doing and offered to answer all of my questions.” – Joyce Grambo

“If you need endodontic care think CWE. You will be in the Best of care. I am a patient and have always been treated with excellence. My overall experience has been Five star treatment from everyone I have en counted at CWE. Always professional, friendly, and courteous.” – Louis Yampiro

“I am always filled with anxiety when I get my teeth worked on, but Dr. Martinez was absolutely wonderful! He and his assistant put me at ease and it was a very pleasant experience. This was by far the best dental experience I’ve had.” – Kayla Berry

“I was very impressed with how welcoming all the staff at CWE made me feel. I was taken in for a root canal procedure on the fly an was treated like I had been coming there for years. I would like to thank Dr. Martinez, Debbie, Stacy and all the rest of the staff for there warm hospitality. I was amazed at how precise Debbie and Dr. Martinez worked in concert as they performed the procedure as well as how respectful both were towards each others efforts.” – Robert Hall

“After my dentist referred me to CWE for root canal therapy they gave me an appointment for the next day. Dr. Barbieri thoroughly briefed me on the procedure and made extra sure my tooth was properly numbed before starting the root canal work. I felt no discomfort at all both during and after the procedure. His assistants, Tinisha and CJ were also very helpful in making the experience a positive one.” – Thomas Werz

“Dr. Vranas was wonderful! I really appreciated that they 1) found a way to squeeze in my emergency and 2) made sure I was comfortable throughout the whole procedure. Everyone was so kind and willing to answer all of my questions. Even if an endodontist in my area started accepting my insurance, I would still come to this office for treatment. There are literally no words to describe how grateful I am to have gotten in with them.” – Brittany Ayers


“Easy and prompt scheduling – excellent exam and diagnostics – prompt endodontic treatment -” – Thomas Dayspring

“I was having pain on my right side. At the time, the pain was not localized but I thought it was on my bottom right molar. After an X-Ray and tests, the Endodontists recommended I wait a week before getting a root canal on my bottom tooth. I CANNOT THANK HIM ENOUGH for this recommendation. Four days later, my TOP right ,oral went into full pain mode. The pain was very localized. The endodontists avoided a root canal on the WRONG TOOTH! The dental assistant was great too.” – James Washington

“Timely. Professional. Gentle. Highly recommend.” – Laurie Canning

“The staff and doctors were great before, during and after my procedure. The doctors and staff were friendly, courteous, professional and customer focused. I was nervous about my procedure, but Dr. Finkler and his staff were very good at helping to ease my anxiety. I experienced much less pain than I anticipated, was able to get stitches out within a few days and have every hope that we have saved the tooth. Excellent experience overall.” – Anita Norman

“Best experience ever. I highly recommend this practice! Dr Finkler and his staff are the utmost professional, competent and caring office I have visited in a long while. I Was referred by my general Dentist to Dr. Finkler for a difficult root canal procedure. So pleased with this referral!!” – Diana Lazar

“I found the staff and doctors at CWE to be excellent. Their knowledge and communication skills as well as personalities and even humor made the visit relaxing. In my opinion they are a top notch team who enjoy their work.” – Michael Moore

“The website is easy to navigate and I found out answers to almost all my questions. Very well done” – Susan Burnette

“The staff at Commonwealth Endodontics was courteous, caring and efficient. I was able to get an appointment within 24 hours of my primary dentist’s recommendation, which was great because I was experiencing an increasing amount of discomfort. The administrative staff told me at the time of the booking what my out-of-pocket costs would be, so there were no surprises at my appointment. Dr. Martinez performed a root canal and was very good at telling me every step of the way what to expect. The procedure was not painful and caused no problems afterward.” – Marilynn Estes

“Dr. Finkler is the best! He puts your nerves at ease, and is very caring, comforting, gentle, and thorough. The staff is very professional,friendly, helpful, and genuinely care why you are there. Always a good experience, and I stress when you say “dentist”!” – Karen Lindsey

“This was the best experience with having this type of work done. The entire procedure was explained and painless. I would definitely recommend this practice to my friends and family.” – Terri Biggins

“Dr. Martinez and Debbie were so wonderful! He was very thorough and made sure to explain everything he was doing and why, which I appreciated. And she was so kind and they both helped ease my fears about my root canal. Highly recommend them!! Thank you both so much!” – Kristan Martin

“Dr. Martinez and his staff were very friendly, kind, and helpful. Patricia P. Turner” – Patricia Turner

“Excellent experience yesterday with having to get a root canal! I was sincerely worried about the pain of going through the procedure, the staff of Commonwealth Endodontics did an outstanding job!” – Christie Payne

“Friendly staff, comfortable waiting area,   a convenient location. The Service was performed very well with minimal discomfort that was gone in about 3 days. No complaints with the dental service. However, the buisness side leaves a lot to be desired. I was informed upon my arrival, of possible additional out of pocket costs for 3D xrays, (which may be needed)   for a partial procedure, ( which can occurr if something about your situation requires them to halt your service after having started it, but with out finishing it). You had to agree to pay these if needed in order to receive any service at all. In the event these fees are incurred, they are payable that same day. These extra out of pocket costs could have resulted in approx. $600.00 due that day, in addition to the copay, also due that day. I was told if insurace paid any portion of these extra fees, I would get a refund for that amount. I knew about the copay,   was preaired for it, but was not ready for possibly shelling out $600.00 more, the same day. I nearly canceled becaue of this. The in office excuse for surprising clients with the possible fees, rather than giving them notice when the appointment is made, was “to avoid scaring away patients”. Translation – pressure them once here, knowing they are allready likely having some difficulty,   that rescheduling later, or elsewhere will delay treatment,   prolong discomfort. I was fortunate enough to have support that would have made it possible to pay the exra amount, if needed, but how many people would have been forced to cancel instead ? Those people may justly feel mistreated, deceived, etc…. If I ask in advance of my appoinment, about costs, and am only told about the cost for no insurance, or copays with insurance, but no mention of these extra fees is made, then even if the fee amounts would normaly be fair, not disclosing them then, is unfair. It’s reprehensible.” – Brian Sweeney

“Dr. Martinez and his assistant Stacey were fantastic, very caring and took the time to explain everything to me with great “bedside manner”. My procedure was literally painless and was performed quickly once diagnosed. He thoroughly explained all the parameters and potential issues and gave me his cell phone number in case I had any questions or concerns. I really appreciate all that they did to make me feel comfortable and help me with my issue.” – Susan Hanson

“Outstanding service by all….efficient front desk /appointment staff and exceptionally skilled nurse and Dr.Ronald Vranas offered a painless emergency procedure with great patient attention” – John Christian

“Dr. Schroeder was amazing! He took the time to explain everything to me. I knew I was in great hands. He is very professional and put me at ease. I would highly recommend him and the practice.” – Tracy Christiansen

“The staff was more than understanding that this was my first root canal. If I ever need to come to a specialist again, I’ll be back, for sure.” – Elizabeth Whitby

“Wonderful. You never have to be afraid of having a root canal.” – Sandra Carlson

“Dr. Madelyn Morris was a delight to work with! She worked me in the very same day for a retreat root canal procedure. She has been so understanding and caring in my follow-up questions regarding pain.” – Traci Frazer

“The service was excellent from checking in, dental assistant and Dr. Martinezi” – William Pitts

“Very impressed with everything! No waiting. Very helpful. Explained things very well. Showed much kindness and consideration knowing that I had never had such a procedure. The procedure itself was painless and professional all the way.” – Michael Harman

“The staff is very friendly and helpful. The paperwork did a good job explaining “what happens next” if it was discovered that the root canal could not be completed (as in my case). Dr. Vranas was excellent at explaining what he was doing throughout the procedure. Kelley, his assistant, did a wonderful job as well.” – Claudia TRUE

“Very quick and precise, down to a science, all while serving with a smile and being very friendly.” – Dustin Clapp

“Dr. Martinez is very nice and informative.” – Marcia Taylor

“Very pleasant and professional staff, Dr. Martinez and his assistant were very thorough with everything. My visit couldn’t not been any better. Very pleased with the service.” – Fiorella Carrillo

“You rarely think of a root canal as easy, but Commonwealth Endodontics did just that for me. You are seen very quickly, the staff pre-authorizes your treatment and advises you of co-pays before you ever hit the chair. They use the latest technology to diagnose and treat your condition. I can only speak to Dr. Barbieri and Kelley, but both are so friendly and caring, checking to make sure you’re doing well throughout the procedure–and mine didn’t go particularly well, for them, anyway; I was fine throughout the procedure. After having to hold my mouth open for over 2 hours, I was certain my jaw would hurt the next day, but I was fine. I’m glad my periodontist referred me to this practice.” – Beverley Suhre

“Did excellent work. Very friendly, was concerned about any pain or discomfort I might have. Didn’t have either. Highly recommend Dr. Vranas and his team to everybody” – Robert Dupalo

“I did not have to take any Advil or Motrin after the procedure. Inflammation receded within 24 hours.” – James Barron

“Even though having a root canal is no fun, Dr. Vranas and his assistant, Pam, were wonderful and made the experience as pain-free as possible. Great office!” – Nancy Cook

“Dr Martinez is wonderful. This is the second time I have had to have a root canal, and he makes an unpleasant procedure pain   stress free. He explains everything he is doing, and makes sure you are comfortable during the process. I highly recommend Dr. Martinez” – Barbara Altis

“As my son is a physician, I know just how much work is put into a medical practice by all of the employees to insure the peace of mind and quality care of the patient. This practices excels in every area. You should feel very proud of what you have accomplished. I would highly recommend your practice to anyone.” – Dale Fuller

“Dr finkler was absolutely wonderful” – Cottie Clark

“5 stars all the way. My upper teeth, where I had 2 route canals done back in the Spring, where killing my. I called on a Thursday and they fit me in the next day on Friday. Dr. Finkler performed several tests and told me to go get a mouth guard and stop grinding my teeth. I had no idea I was grinding. I though something terrible had happened to create such pain. After wearing the mouth guard for two nights sleep, the pain went away. Thank you Dr. Finkler.” – Michael Carter

“I was really impressed with the professionalism and caring attitude by the entire staff. Hopefully, I won’t have to return but I know where I’ll go if future problems occur. Steve Montgomery Bumpass, VA” – Steven Montgomery

“Dr. Martinez was so nice to me and I will never forget it. I was very nervous before I arrived for my appointment. He was so concerned and assured me everything would be fine (which indeed it was). I will never forget how professional he was and indeed a wonderful person. Thank you Dr. Martinez for your kindness and a job well done.” – Shirley Lewis

“Everything about my visit was perfect. Friendly, knowledgeable staff, made you feel comfortable, answered my questions before I even had a chance to ask them. Will be returning to have my root canal done.” – Jane Peluso

“Every person in the office from being greeted as well as checked out by the gal at the front desk to the Assistant to the Doctor was very prompt, kind, professional and friendly. I had a positive experience each time I visited this group of professionals. Dr Martinez explained what was being done and what to expect each step of the way during the procedure..He was gentle, patient and kind to both his assistant and me. LOVE HIM!!” – Jane Kingsley

“I had a dental emergency and CWE agreed to take me in on an hour’s notice. Dr. Finkler and his staff diagnosed my problem, gave me immediate pain relief and took care of my problem all in the same day. I would recommend them to anyone!” – Roger St. John

“Everything went according to plan, on time, and accomplished in a pleasant atmosphere with competence. I am impressed.” – Frederick Smith

“Dr. Finkel and LP are excellent Dental team with outstanding staff members and service. That was my first time being their and you guys did a fantastic job on my root canal. Thank you.” – Randy Williams

“Great practice. This was not my first root canal, so I have other out-of-town experiences to use as a benchmark, and am confident in giving this practice a 5 star rating. Their profiency and skill were obvious, completing this complex work professionally and efficiently. Good teamwork between the endodontist (Dr. Finkler)and his assistan(CJ?). Outstanding care, and excellent work.” – Jacquelyn Hart

“I was there about 30 minutes before taken back. Don’t know why I needed to be there by 7 a.m. Had to spend almost 400 dollars to be told 3D ex-days did not show any more than Dr. Cox office.” – Delores Ober

“Great facility and doctors when you have the unpleasant experience and need a root canal. I had to go for care two different times and had an excellent experience both times.” – Melanie Lane

“The care provided was outstanding” – Robert Woods

“Would not go anywhere else I’m absolutely hate to go to the dentist but they certainly made it better than I’ve ever had .thank you” – Margaret Sirles

“Dr Martinez is the consummate professional. Very personable, explains everything very well and always fully engaged. Richmond is lucky to have such a fine endodontist. I recommend him and his staff without hesitation.” – Marybeth Matthews

“After having a bad experience with my last root canal my dentist referred me to Commonwealth Endodontics. I cant recorded these guys enough everything was communicated clearly and I was made to feel comfortable. I hope I never have to have another root canal but if I do this is the place to go.” – William Poulton

“Dr Finkler is amazing. So kind and he really helped my anxiety. And tanica (hopefully I spelled that right) is absolutely awesome. She really calmed my anxieties and made me feel comfortable” – Courtney Johnson

“I was very impressed the 1st time I used your services and every time since. All the staff I have come into contact with are always upbeat, seem genuinely interested in meeting my needs, and answering all my questions. Dr. V has been awesome each time I’ve been treated by him. He shows compassion and always explains what he is about to do. I couldn’t ask for a better specialist to take care of my pearly whites! Thanks ~ you guys are awesome!” – Barbara Seymour

“Fantastic experience! Dr. B worked to accommodate my high levels of anxiety and make a root canal a far less painful experience. I appreciate the office staff and support who were helpful and courteous.” – Mary Beth Libby

“Dr. Martinez was very kind and gentle with my sensitive tooth. He explained everything to me and I could tell he cared about his patients and their care. He came highly recommended by a friend of mine, so I felt at ease knowing he was well vetted. Now my procedure is next, but my stress level is not too bad because I feel I will be in good hands.” – Julie Parham

“Dr. Vranas is the best with root canals! I’ve had 2 done by him, and I never have any pain afterwards. He and his dental assistant are so friendly and caring and make sure their patients are comfortable at all times. I highly recommend Dr. Vranas!” – Kristy Morgans

“I have total confidence in Dr. Martinez. A couple of years ago I had a tooth that was a problem, and no one was able to figure out what was wrong. 2 dentists and 2 orthodontists later, I was finally referred to Dr. Martinez and he was able to pinpoint the problem was immediately. So this time, when another tooth became a problem I went to him immediately and I have another appt to fix this tooth as well. Great office, professional and friendly staff. If you have to go to an endodontist, this is the place to go!!!” – Barbara Vranian

“I was very impressed with the work done by Commonwealth Endodontics. When I contacted the office I was given an appointment the next day. The office worked directly with my dentist to make my insurance claim go smoothly. Dr. Martinez and his assistance Debbie were professional and efficient. They made every effort to make me comfortable. They kept me informed about the procedure and explained what they were doing as they went along. I will certainly recommend Commonwealth Endodontics to anyone needing their services. Clyde Johnson” – Clyde Johnson

“Very professional in their practice. I highly recommend them for an endodontic issues” – Allan Vig

“The Doctor and staff were very polite and professional.” – Constance Mcgowan

“Everyone in the office is so professional, efficient, and kind. Dr. Finkler is the best! He makes getting a root canal not such a dreaded experience.” – Peyton King

“The staff was very friendly and the doctor and his assistant were great. They kept me calm and informed during my procedure.” – Thomas Russell

“Thank you for making my procedure pain free and fun!” – Novia Taylor

“Dr. Finkler was very personable and helpful in explaining my issues. He is obviously very knowledgeable and seemed understanding as well.” – Fred Bagwell

“Everyone was so nice and did a great job.” – Robert Stewart

“No one wants to have a root canal, but Commonwealth Endodontics makes the process as stress-free as possible. Dr. Martinez and all of the staff I encountered were so reassuring, considerate, and organized.” – Susan Hart

“Dr. Vranas is great with a calming chair side manner and explains what needs to be done and patiently answers questions.” – Michael Polychrones

“Warm welcome greetings, smiles, good atmosphere from staff front desk and back, doctor. Open to help and assist and get needs address and any concerns. 5-Rating” – Janice Yancey

“Excellent service and would recommend to anyone in need of dental services” – Stuart Dowdy

“On time, quick, efficient, made me feel comfortable. I have complete confidence.” – Leslie Hunter

“I really like the friendly, comfortable environment at the office. Dr Morris has been very attentive and thorough about explaining everything to me. I like her and her assistants who put mecat ease.” – William Franklin

“Very well run professional business. Customer oriented and they care about their patients. You are just not a number.” – Geralyn Gravatt

“Felt very comfortable with the staff that did my surgery.” – Thomas Lasser

“Experiencing horrible tooth pain! This is the place to be! I went to my Dentist 2 times on Tuesday and @ 5pm they called Commonwealth Endodontics for an appointment for me. They put me in the very next day with Dr. V. He is amazing, made me feel comfortable, explained things well, and got to the “”root”” of the problem. Thank you guys so much.” – Mary Paul

“Dr. Martinez is conservative which is to one’s advantage! He is one you can trust. I have never been hurt when he does a root canal or diagnostics. The office and staff are kind and courteous.” – Brenda Lindsey

“All staff were pleasant. My appointment was at 11:20 and I arrived early but didn’t see the doctor until at or after 12:30 while I didn’t anticipate waiting so long the waiting was pleasant. I enjoyed talking with the nurse. Since my dentist recommended me and already took an xray the day before another didn’t need to be taken. The CBCT scan I believe was necessary and although it wasn’t covered by insurance I did not mind paying for it. However, I’m nervous about this 15% of failure rate and if he destroys my crown in the process how will afford the retreatment. Did I mention the dentist makes me cry but they were personable and really appreciated that.” – Shameake Boomer

“Dr. Finkler is fantastic!” – Marcy Walsh

“OMG! Best practice hands down! Dr. Finkler was amazing. He took his time during my evaluation, thoroughly explained his recommendations, and even called my general dentist to get a better understanding of my dental plan. From the dental assistant to the receptionist and checkout nurse – it was an all around great experience. I would highly recommend this practice!” – Dominique Wade

“I am truly dental phobic and have severe anxiety about dental work. When I found out I needed a root canal, I was terrified. Dr. Finkler not only called the day before the root canal to chat and assure me that everything would be ok, he was incredibly kind and patient with me all throughout the procedure. He made sure to explain all he was doing (before asking if that was my preference) and was so encouraging. If more work is needed, I won’t hesitate to go back to him!” – Melissa Hammack

“Excellent and professional business.” – Vinston Thornhill

“Dr. Martinez and his assistant were very friendly and professional. Everything was explained during each step of my procedure. Everyone was very compassionate and concerned about my well being.” – Joan Stewart

“Doc did a great job, it was really painless for a root canal” – Richard Logue

“My overall experience with Commonwealth Endodontics was excellent! From the consultation, to the process of making an appointment, and then the actual treatment, the office staff and dental staff were professional, courteous and caring. They managed to make what can be an anxious experience to one that was comfortable. Thank you!” – Bradley Jacobson

“I received excellent service and everyone was very kind and welcoming. I highly recommend this office.” – Randy Davis

“The staff was wondering from check in to check out and Dr. Finkler was fantastic.” – Jamie Church

“A very good professional experience.” – Christopher Robinson

“As I have already commented to several people- CWE is an incredible practice. Every person that I was in contact with was exceptional and respectful. Dr Vrananas and his assistant were so knowledgeable   professional which is what I needed for that visit having walked in with a lot of pain. Thank you” – Susan Martin

“Dr. Martinez exhibited an excellent Doctor/Patient relationship. Explained the major events of the root canal operation to the patient in a friendly manner.” – Jerry Layne

“This was my first visit to Commonwealth Endodontics. I had an appointment with Dr. Finkler and he was great! He was very thorough with explanations and open to answering any of my questions. He was also very genuine and caring and as someone who has had bad experiences with dental work, this meant a lot. I will be returning in just a few weeks for treatment on a tooth and I am confident that Dr. Finkler will do a great job :)” – Madison Nguyen

“I visited Commonwealth Endodontics and found the staff very friendly, personable, and professional. I saw Dr. Schroeder, and I was very happy with his explanations and kindness. His nurse assistant was very pleasant, as were the administrative staff. All in all, I would very definitely recommend this doctor and office.” – Joan Gayfield

“Would recommend your group, efficient and pleasant” – Irene Hollins

“Excellent Endodontist. Very thorough, friendly   professional. Highly recommended.” – Budda Reddy

“Dr. Martinez   Debbie are great!! So glad they were able to diagnose my teeth issues   take care of me quickly. I highly recommend them to everyone! They are very good about keeping you informed while they work on your teeth. Business office   front desk girls helpful   friendly. I recommend this office to anyone in need of an Endodontist.” – Cynthia Blackwell

“Dr. MArtinez and his staff are wonderful—courteous, eager to make you comfortable with a blanket, TV/radio preference, etc, patient with questions, and most important, efficient and professional in their work. After my root canal, I had only minor discomfort. If you have to have a root canal, this is the place to get it.” – Janet Tarasovic

“excellent experience, especially for a first time visit. Everyone was friendly-from the front desk and going forward.” – Mary Hyman

“I appreciated the professionalism of this office and this doctor and his assistant. They worked with my difficult mouth as best as they could, and the results seem favorable.” – Anne Jefferson

“I thought the whole operation to be professional” – Dorothy Bain

“Very pleased with the service you provided” – John Kirby

“My experience was excellent” – Margaret Stanback

“Gentle, explanatory care. Had root canal asses Ent and will be returning for procedure.” – Margaret Hamilton

“This practice (front office to back) is top notch! Each staff member makes your comfort a priority! Dr. Schroeder is beyond skilled at his profession and I am incredibly grateful to have been in his care!!” – Tanya Adamski

“I was so impressed with Dr. Martinez. He is polite and knowledgeable. He took time to explain everything that is going on with my tooth. I love that he looks me in the eyes when he is speaking to me. I’m old school. Ha!” – Patrice Jones

“If a root canal can be a pleasant and painless experience, you all really succeeded!” – Vivianne Stewart

“My experience with Commonwealth Endodontics was a great one and I would come back if a treatment that they provide were needed.” – Cheri Evans

“Very good job, elexcellent customer service I would highly recommend Commonwealth Endodontics” – Dorothy Connor

“Seen promptly; handled courteously; work was most professional.” – Kurt Vogel

“My Dentist was replacing a twenty year old crown on a molar and found the nerves “dead”. The Dentist called and we setup the next morning at 7am, however, snow threaten so delay to the next morning at 7am. Had 3 root canals done on the molar.” – Clement Irons

“A very pleasant experience for a very nervous patient! Would definitely return and highly recommend.” – Gail Talley

“Very thorough and efficient care. I would certainly choose CWE again, should the need arise.” – William Loper

“Wonderful experience. Dr. Martinez is the very best!” – Linda Allison

“Got an appointment immediately. Dentists and staff were professional, caring, and courteous. I was well cared for and every step on the root canal was explained. Unequivocally recommend.” – Robert Freed

“I was taken same day for an emergency eval. Everyone I encountered could not have been nicer! Dr. Martinez took a lot of time explaining the x ray results and what to do next . Very appreciative of all their efforts. .” – Gail Smith


“Dr. Shroeder was kind, patient, gentle, and confident.” – Latoya Peters

“I took the time to fill out the new patient info on your website. I was impressed. However, when I arrived for my visit you couldn’t access it. I had to fill out the paper form. Beyond the annoyance, I hadn’t brought along my list of current prescriptions. If you had really needed them they wouldn’t be available. The following questionnaire needs some rework and clarity to get more helpful answers. Other than that, nice office, good staff, and Martinez was very good, thorough professional. I’m glad he was assigned to me.” – Carl Bellas